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The development of employment related skills has become a much higher priority for Higher Education in recent years.  Employability has in fact become a more central and explicit focus of Higher Education provision.

The Careers Centre supports teaching and learning in a variety of ways by -

  • Supporting schools/departments in the delivery of employability skills.  This may be achieved through advice and guidance on the provision of specific skills and competency related training for students.

  • Providing information on current market trends and the graduate labour market.

  • Assisting schools/departments to set up regular effective liaison with the Careers Centre.

  • Designing and developing specific information on discipline related career programmes - if you feel your class group would benefit from guidance in certain areas, we may be able to organise a presentation / workshop to meet this need, see the next tab - "Workshops and Class Talks".

  • Surveying our recent graduates about what they do after graduation and publishing the findings this  information will be available.

  • The Careers Centre markets WIT, students and graduates to employers.  We directly contact more than 500 employers each year.  Contact with employers includes -

    • Advice on recruitment issues and good practice

    • Facilitating graduate recruitment by advertising vacancies, setting up employer presentations and interviews, organising the annual Careers Fair

    • Encouraging employers to get involved in our courses that have a work experience element

    • By obtaining sponsorship for student awards

    • By research link

Academics can also refer students to the Careers Centre for a variety of reasons, for example -

  • students finding it difficult to secure graduate employment

  • thinking about further studies

  • issues that are causing them to consider leaving or changing their course

Powerpoint presentation - Preparing for Success at a Careers Fair


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Workshops and Class Talks 

The Careers Centre has developed a range of workshops and class talks on careers and associated issues, see below for the full list.  If you would like to arrange one of these workshops / talks for your class please contact Angela [email protected] to organise a suitable time.

General Career Workshops and Class Talks -

  • Accountancy

  • A Smart Approach to Getting that Job

  • Assessment Centre

  • Communication Skills

  • Completing Application Form for the Big 4 Accountancy Firms

  • Competency Based Interviews

  • Creating a winning CV

  • Creative Job Search

  • CV Success

  • How to prepare a CV

  • Interviews made Easy

  • Making the Most of Company Presentations

  • Making the Most of the Careers Fair

  • Making Successful Applications to Accountancy Firms and Finance Companies

  • On line Applications /Electronic Applications

  • Postgraduate Studies

  • Presentation Skills

  • Success in Compiling Post grad Application Forms

  • Team Building

  • The Hidden Job Market

  • The Job Interview

  • What are Transferable Skills?

  • WIT Careers Centre and Information Room

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