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Services to Employers

  • Employer/Company Presentations  -  We will discuss suitable dates and venues with you.  Audio-visual and internet facilities are available on request.  Please e-mail [email protected] for a 'booking form'.

  • Employer/Company Promotional Stand  -  This is an informal way of making contact with students on each campus.  Please e-mail [email protected] for a 'booking form'.

  • Contributing Directly to Programmes  -  The Careers Advisor delivers programmes on Employability Skills to students and if you would like to participate in or contribute to these courses in some way, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

  • Sponsoring a Career Centre Publication  -  Each year the Career Centre provides students with booklets and materials relevant to the recruitment process.  If you would like to sponsor any of these publications please contact us.

  • Careers Information Library  -  Contains references to Company, Sector and Job descriptions of which students can avail and these are replicated on our website.

  • Room Facilities  -  We can arrange for you to use our Interview Rooms.

  • Careers Events  -  Keep you informed about our Careers Events through our website, including our Annual Careers Fair. 

  • Advertising your Vacancies  -  Please see the following tab, which describes in detail how your can display your job vacancies on our website.

  • Facebook  -  Should your organisation have a Facebook account, if you "like" us on our Facebook account you will be able to interact with our students.  Click on the FACEBOOK logo on the Career Centre Home page for direct access.

To contact the Careers Centre either telephone us on 051 302038 or email [email protected] 

  Make the Right Connections - Employers Booklet

What Graduates Want From Employers  -  Participants were asked to rank a number of factors by order of importance to them when choosing an employer -

  •     what workplace factors motivate them once in a job

  •     what would make them leave

  •     how they rated sources of career information

  •     how they view the various elements of the recruitment and assessment process      

What Graduates Want From Employers - 2009 Summary of Findings

Please view this informative video from gradireland for Employers

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Employer Advertise Vacancy Online

If you have vacancies to fill, whether they are full time, part time, permanent or voluntary or if you are offering a bursary for a scholarship or fellowship, perhaps you have a work placement opportunity .

Whatever post, if you are seeking applications from students and graduates then

It's easy to fill your jobs through the WIT Careers at no cost

  • With more graduates than ever and the numbers continuing to grow over the next few years.

  • There is a huge talent pool of individuals with many skills that will benefit your organisation.

  • Tap into this viable option for businesses of all sizes and from all sectors.

Use the Careers Centre to advertise -

  • Immediate vacancies

  • Graduate Training Programmes and vacancies starting after graduation

  • Internships and Placement vacancies

  • Vacation and voluntary work

  • Work Experience for Global Charities

  • Scholarships / Fellowships / Competitions

Job opportunities are global and need to be accessible 24 / 7 to students and so advertising with the Careers Centre will allow you to -

  • Reach a huge database of job-seeking students/graduates

  • Brand your organisation as an employer of choice

  • Access ambitious pre-final-year students seeking internships

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Found it difficult to  understand the information regarding the employment of International Students?

Check out our "user friendly" version, making it easier for you.

 Recruiting International Students Booklet

    The Irish Council for International Students (ICOS) has recently published
       Guidelines for Employers and International Students.  This information
       leaflet will be of interest to non-EEA graduates of Irish Higher Education
       Institutions (HEIs) who may be exploring the possibility of staying on in Ireland
       to work for some time after their studies.

Each year many of our students are required to participate in a work placement, either at home or abroad for a period of between 12 weeks to 9 months in duration, depending on the course they are undertaking.

This experience is invaluable to the students as it allows them to gain real practical hands on work knowledge.  It is also valuable to the employers as it offers them the opportunity to grow solid communication lines between the Institute, its Academic, Management and Support Staff so that all fully understand the needs and requirements of each other, but also to interact with the current students and potentially future employees.

The current Work Placement - A Best Practice Guide for Employers, produced by AHECS (Association of Higher Education Career Services) details benefits to all parties undertaking placement of students.  AHECS also produce a Work Placement - A Best Practice Guide for Students, which might be interested to you.

At WIT our Academic staff have the responsibility for the placement of their students and a list of the courses currently offering work placement and  the contact names, telephone numbers, email addresses is noted below.

Careers PDFWIT Work Placement Contacts  2019-2020

For current up to date information on the news in the labour market, check out the following sites -


QualifaxQualifax   - Displays a section with the analysis of the job market, which is supplied by FAS.

The National Skills Database was developed in 2002 by the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit in FAS on behalf of the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs.  It has been designed to collate all available information about the supply and demands of skills in Ireland.  As such, it provides a platform for the timely analysis and forecasting of the labour market  at occupational level. 

We hope you find this information useful.

For further information containing up to date Labour Market News see -


       What Do Graduates Do  -   Latest Edition -  HECSU & AGCAS
        WIT Graduate Survey

       Salary Expectations

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