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Company Name

Lucie Media - Happy Birthday Toy Show

Job Hours

Full Time

Target Discipline

Media and Publishing

Company Address

4 Maxilla Walk London W10 6NQ

Company Email

[email protected]

Operating Sector

Broadcasting and Media

Company Website

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Qualification Level

None required

Job Description

Media production of ‘Happy Birthday Toy Show’ YouTube Channel

We are looking for bright and enthusiastic individuals seeking to gain a practical insight into creating YouTube content for a fledgling Multi-Channel Network – Lucie Media - focusing on creating child-centred content.

Interns will form a small and very dynamic team to create simple toy unboxing videos for a new YouTube channel for kids: the ‘Happy Birthday Toy Show’.

Erasmus Internships available

We are looking for interns to undertake the following roles to record and edit footage of the presenter talking through the toy features, and then upload the final video to the YouTube channel.



*Please indicate which role you are interested in

Ideally, we require a minimum of 2 months, and are open to flexible working arrangements. Ideally, we would envisage an intern working 3-4 days each week, and the specific days can be selected according to the intern’s preference, whether weekday or weekend.

We offer travel expenses whilst in London (monthly Oyster card). The nearest tube station to the studio is Latimer Road.

Experience required

  • Familiar with various video codecs and compression
  • Experience in video and animation production
  • Videography and photography experience
  • Experience using audio visual equipment and familiarity with current technology
  • Knowledge of MSOffice applications
  • Experience using YouTube

What does the internship involve?
We have a small studio / working space in London W10, by Latimer Road tube station. This is a short walk from Notting Hill.

Our aim is to create a small and dynamic team who can work through a production schedule and film, edit and upload a stream of toy unboxing videos to our YouTube channel.

Examples of such existing toy unboxing reviews on YouTube include the below.

  • FunToyzCollector

  • Disney Cars Toy Club DCTC

  • DisneyCarToys

Guidance and supervision will be available at all times, and a recommended format will need to be adhered to, but interns are encouraged to use their own initiative and take creative and technical responsibility.

In terms of day to day process, toy samples will be sent over by toy companies, along with a concise written overview of each toy. These toys will form the basis of the production schedule to work through.

Filmmaker interns will record and edit footage of them being ‘unboxed’, and their features and functionality described by a presenter. Video content will then be uploaded to YouTube after editing.

Ongoing technical assistance and guidance will be given by an experienced filmmaker as well as the Creative Director (Lucie Follett). Interns will be expected to sign an NDA and copyright agreement.

These are extremely simple videos in terms of production values and work to a set format: they consist of an animated motion graphics intro, 3-7 mins of a presenter opening a toy package and describing the features and play value, finishing on a motion graphics outro image that says ‘subscribe’.

The intro and outro imagery and motion graphics have already been created; and this means that the main aim is to shoot footage that shows the product in an appealing, clear and audible way so that the features and functionality being described appeal to a kid audience aged from 3 – 9 years old.

What we offer

  • Extensive experience of video filming
  • The opportunity to take the lead on a specific brand project
  • Internship reference letter
  • LinkedIn recommendation
  • Travel expenses remuneration

Lucie Media 
Happy Birthday Toy Show
4 Maxilla Walk
W10 6NQ 

Nearest tube station: Latimer Road / Holland ParkNearest tube station

Application method
It would be helpful to see an online portfolio of films created to date

Background Information

Lucie Media is a new entity set up by Lucie Follett, Creative Director and co-founder of toyco, Arklu.

LinkedIn profile:

Recent BBC Business Live interview (Dec 2015)

Arklu is an award-winning toyco, Arklu, based in London and Letterkenny, Ireland.

Lucie is responsible for all product development and product collaborations. Arklu are the creators of the Lottie doll; a ‘pro girl’ doll for kids aged 3+, that is all about getting kids interested in a wide range of activities, including STEM.

Lottie doesn’t wear makeup, jewellery or high heels, and can stand on her own two feet. We have product collaborations with organisations including the European Space Agency, TrowelBlazers, Brave Girls Alliance, Girls Leadership Institute, amongst others. We worked with Dr Margaret Ashwell, formerly Science Director of the British Nutrition Foundation, to create a ‘childlike’ doll body that is based on the proportions of a 9 year old girl.

In early December, our Stargazer Lottie doll (a collaboration with the European Space Agency) went into space to join British ESA astronaut Tim Peake and US NASA astronaut Tim Kopra at the International Space Station. Six year old Abigail is the star of the video; she is absolutely passionate about astronomy and came up with the design for Stargazer Lottie.

Since her launch in August 2012, Lottie has won 24 international toy awards and is now on sale in 30 countries.
Lucie is winner of the 2015 UK ToyNews Innovator of the Year; and shortlisted for the (USA) chitag Toy Designer of the Year award.

How To Apply

CV and covering letter by email