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Changing Programme

It is not uncommon to doubt whether you picked the right course on the CAO, especially given the wealth of choices out there. If you were offered a place at WIT and think you would like to study on a different course at the Institute, in some instances, this can be facilitated.

To find out if this may be an option for you, please read the information below carefully. 

Changing course is a serious matter and we recommend that in order to make an informed decision you discuss your options with family members, course leaders, lecturers or Head of Department as successful applications for transfer are final and cannot be reversed.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 051-834095 or 051-845513

First Year Transfer

Continuing Students Transfer

Transferring to another college

In this case your first post of call is the Admissions Office in the College you wish to transfer to. This is not the decision of WIT, all advice and guidance will have to be offered by the other college in terms of eligibility, criteria, procedures and fee or grant implications.