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Where Do I Begin


Effective career planning involves a cycle of steps, beginning with you - what you want from a job and what you have to offer.  It involves also exploring job and graduate study options and making and implementing your decisions.  You should begin to plan early, ideally well before your final year.

Career Planning Steps  -  You can view this cycle of steps above, working carefully through each should help you to achieve your career aims whether you are fairly clear - or still vague - about what you want to do.

Careers Advisor is keen to help, but the real responsibility for tackling the process and attaining a satisfying job lies with you.

Click on each heading above to guide you through the process.

Using Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies have always played a major part in some employment sectors. Some Agencies specialise in certain sectors and know their areas very well and will have permanent and temporary jobs on offer. Some Agencies will have graduate level jobs on offer as well. However, there are certain things to be aware of when dealing with Agencies. Employers (ie companies) are the main client for the Agency and as such, are their top priority. Their main concern is to find the right candidate for the company - not the right job for the candidate. Recruitment Agencies charge the company for the service. You should not have to pay anything unless you ask for CV writing services or other extra service. Staff at Recruitment Agencies are not Career Advisors - they are not qualified to help you with your career decisions. Remember that you can use the Careers Centre facilities after graduation. 

  • Make sure the Agency is offering real jobs and not just gathering CV’s. 

  • Early on in the recruitment process, they should let you know the company name. This will allow you to prepare for the interview.

  • They should inform you before they send your CV to a company. This will be particularly useful if you are registered with a couple of Agencies as you could end up having your CV sent more than once to a company otherwise. There may also be companies to which you do not wish your CV’s sent.

  • They should keep you informed as to how your application is doing.

  • They should not request references without your permission.

  • You have the right to privacy and should be interviewed by the Agency in a private area.

  • If you feel that the Agency has not treated you well, you can formally complain to the National Recruitment Federation.

Employers use Agencies for various reasons:

  • They may not have the staff to sift through the initial job applications and want the Agency to recommend the best of the applicants for interview.

  • Well known companies receive a lot of applications just because of the name and may wish to filter out the unsuitable ones by not having their name attached to the advert.

  • The post could be very specialist and an Agency may have such candidates on their books.

How you approach the Agency is very important. You need to show them that it is in their interest to put you forward for the job. The following may help to impress them:

  • Be aware of the skills you have and how they relate to the type of jobs in which you are interested. 

  • Be able to give a short ‘commercial’ on yourself.

  • Be very clear on the types of vacancies that the agency handles.

  • The Irish Recruitment Directory is available to reference in the Career Centre and may help you.

  • Treat the interview with the Agency as you would an interview with the company. They decide whether it’s worth the company’s time interviewing you.

  • Dress appropriately and be professional.

  • If you can’t call into the Agency personally, follow up your application with a phone call and talk to the relevant staff member.

Where you can find out more - 

The Irish Recruitment Directory - NRF Ireland- National Recruitment Federation (Ireland) has a searchable database of members under its Jobseekers section. Persons seeking employment through an Employment Agency should ensure that they deal only with licensed agencies. No fee may be charged by an agency to a job seeker solely for agreeing to seek employment for them. For an up to date list of current Employment Agencies licensed with the NRF go to - NRF Agencies

 Using Recruitment Agencies

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