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WIT Access Outreach Programmes

What are they?

Learning can take place in many environments, through both formal and informal settings. Community based learning validates the community setting as an effective learning space. It works from an equality perspective and can benefit those who have not had access to the formal education system.

The WIT Science & Engineering Buddy Programme

This programme is sponsored by Genzyme Irl. which is a pharmaceutical company based in Waterford City.wit access outreach

The primary aim of the programme is to foster a civic awareness among WIT students.  Buddies volunteer to become part of the programme and to act as positive 'role models' to young primary school pupils.  These buddies work with the pupils in their schools to raise their educational aspirations and to expose them to the possibilities that are available if they stay on in school.

WIT students who engage in the Buddy Programme undertake a training programme prior to going out into the schools.  It is a form of experiential learning supported by formal training and evaluation sessions.  This training gives them opportunities to develop their transferable skills (team building, group dynamics, listening and communication skills, time management, project planning, reflective practice and critical thinking skills), which are essential for any position in life.

These skills are further honed while they are 'on the job' in our partner schools. Genzyme Irl. are a key partner in both the development and delivery of the WIT Buddy programme.

You can apply to become a WIT Buddy by submitting the Buddy Application form to [email protected]. Applications are taken throughout the year and Training commences in Semester 1 of each academic year.


"It’s the best thing I have ever done in my life"

(Student on the Buddy Programme)

"It helped me to be more open and voice my opinions more"

(Student on the Buddy Programme)

Traveller Cultural Awareness (Outreach)

As part of our remit to increase access and participation of members of the travelling community in Further and Higher Education, we support the development and delivery of workshops aimed at increasing the knowledge and understanding of traveller culture.

These workshops are delivered by travellers to staff and pupils at all levels within the education sector.

"I’d like seeing them go to the top – go the whole way"

(Parent on the Traveller Cultural Awareness Programme)