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WIT Access Volunteer Training Programmes

The WIT Access Volunteer Programme works with the wider local community to promote access to Further and Higher Education. We do this through developing links with local schools and community groups and by equipping volunteers with appropriate experience and transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, and project management. 

We run two volunteer training programmes, one is aimed at recruiting WIT students and the other is aimed at recruiting parents of school going children.

WIT Access Student Volunteer Programme

Student volunteers act as positive role models for young pupils and they introduce them to a variety of aspects of college life.  All volunteers must partake in the Volunteer Training Programme and training is provided outside lecture hours and is 12 hours approx. in total.  We use the training facilities in WIT and various venues in the South East to work on the team building aspects of the programme.

The training emphasises the importance of role models as a feature of any young person's life.  Approximately 200 volunteers have received the 'Volunteering Certification' since the inception of the programme in 2001.  WIT Student Volunteers are recruited from across all the academic schools:  Business, Science, Engineering, Humanities, and Health Sciences.

"It taught me how to be assertive but kind"
(Student on the Volunteer Training Programme)

This programme provides opportunities to train parents as volunteers in the provision of after school supports for pupils attending local primary schools.  The out-of-school environment complements traditional education and provides a safe space where children can build on educational skills learned in school, while also developing the necessary social and emotional skills which support their development as they grow up.

It is targeted at parents who have children attending local primary schools with a particular focus on parents who have children attending the WIT Junior Access Programmes. All volunteers must partake in a Volunteer Training Programme of approx. 24 hours of directed training (classroom theory) and 16 hours of work placement (40 hours in total).


"Susan’s  daughter spoke about becoming  a doctor – before I would not have known how to negotiate the system.  Now I can help her realise her dream."

(Parent on the Parental Education Programme)

I am a role model for my children now - I will always advise them on college life and encourage, support and motivate them to go further with their education after second level – lucky I had the opportunity to, now I can pass on my skills, knowledge and experience to them "

(Parent from the After School Support and Education Training Programme)

"I think one of the magic moments for me was when I received the Certificate as it reassured me that I can do it and that I have the courage to try to succeed"

(Parent from the After School Support and Education Training Programme)


Nuala Lennon,Access Officer 

Email [email protected]

This officially recognised Institute award is awarded at the end of the academic year at a special ceremony at the Clubs and Societies Awards night.  The WIT Access Student Volunteering Certificate recognises the volunteering, training and personal, academic and professional reflection undertaken by the student.  There is no doubt that the certificate also looks good as part of a CV!  We are happy to give individual assistance to volunteers to make their submission for certification. 

To Qualify

You need to be an active volunteer for at least one semester.  To be considered for certification in this academic year, you must submit your reflective log before 31st March through moodle.

Volunteering Opportunities

The Access Office has a number of programmes which provide experiences for trained volunteers and the commitment required varies according to the programme.  Programmes available:-

  • Learning for Life - primary schools programme

  • Health Promotion days

  • Cultural Awareness workshops

  • School Visits programme

  • Homework clubs in schools, Traveller Youth centres and youth clubs

pdf logo Download Volunteer application form

pdf icon Download Logbook reflection

Please print the application form and submit to

Colm Bonnar, Access/Retention Project Officer

Student Life & Learning Office,

WIT Cork Road, Waterford.

Email [email protected]

WIT Volunteers Needed for the following programmes:

Waterford Schools Completion – volunteers needed [email protected]

  • WIT Access Office - Learning for Life Programme (L4L) - on WIT Main Campus  and College St Campus 3pm-5pm every Mon, Tues, or Wed – Schools- St Saviours, Presentation, & ST Pauls.

  • L4L – walking children to Main Campus - Mon St Pauls & Wed St Saviours 2.25pm – 3pm

  • Presentation Secondary School Homework club every Wed 4-5pm

  • Presentation Primary School Homework club every Mon/Tues/Wed/ or Thur 2.40pm – 3.40pm


Waterford Traveller Youth Project – Volunteers needed for following

  • Mondays 2.30pm - 4pm - Homework club for 8 and 9 year olds (boys only) - Subla Centre

  • Mondays 2.15pm - 4pm - One-to-one work with a 5 year old special needs child - Subla Centre

  • Mondays 4.30pm - 6pm - Homework for secondary school 1st and 2nd year (girls only) - Currently Subla Centre but possibly going to hold this in College Street Campus

  • Mondays 7pm - 8.30pm - 16 -20 year old group (boys) - Subla Centre

  • Tuesdays 2.30pm - 5pm - Homework club for 6 to 13 year olds (girls only) - Subla Centre

  • Tuesdays 6.30pm - 8pm - 17 - 23 year old group (girls) - Subla Centre

  • Wednesdays 2.30pm - 5.30pm - Homework club for 10 - 14 year olds (boys only) - Subla Centre


Schools Completion - Na Siuire - Volunteers needed for

  • Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays, (3.30 - 5.00) for the Mt Sion Secondary Homework Club

  • If anyone has a car, for Colaiste Cois Siuire (Moincoin) Secondary Homework Club (4.00 - 5.00) also on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.

  • After-school Sports club - Mt Sion Primary, Scoil Lorcain, De La Salle (Stephens St) – details later


SUAS Literacy Support

Must make application online to In ST Pauls Secondary Community School for 1st year students -

  • Paired Reading every Thursday  11.10am - 12 noon and

  • every Friday 10.15am - 11am

  • No of Volunteers required – 24

XLc Project

  • Volunteers needed to give one hour per week to help tutor leaving cert and junior cert students on a one to one basis in a subject you are strong in.

  • French/Spanish/Music a priority, but all disciplines welcome

  • Volunteers needed to give 1 hour a week to help with keep Web page etc up to date and maybe some Internet Research to help compile useful databases for their students 


WIT student Volunteers who complete 20 hours volunteering over their time in WIT will receive the “WIT Community Service Award Certificate”, gain personal satisfaction & growth, valuable work experience and looks great as part of a CV.