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OneDrive For students and staff


OneDrive is online storage that is provided to you as part of your WIT account. It’s like having a large USB drive on the internet that you can access from many of your devices. There are many tutorials available on the web. See one HERE.

Important things to know

  • When you leave WIT and your WIT account is deleted then ALL the Files on your OneDrive are DELETED. If you want to keep your files after you leave WIT then before you leave please copy/move your files to another personal storage area, or your WIT Google Docs account.
  • If you use the webpage to access any files, and it's not a Microsoft office application like Word, Excel, etc. it will ask you to download the file to the local PC. If you make changes to the downloaded files then you must make sure that you have uploaded/copied the updated version back to your OneDrive.
  • As it's network storage it should be expected to be a bit slower than on-site/local storage.
  • Microsoft have certain restrictions in place to stop very large amounts of files being uploaded at once, thus OneDrive cannot be used to back up a full PC. It's designed to be used for day to day access of files. 
  • After a file is copied/deleted on this drive you may need to refresh (F5 key) the list before the changes are evident.

Accessing OneDrive from a WIT PC

After you logon to any WIT LAB PC you will get a storage location called "My WIT OneDrive" in Windows Explorer, and other windows applications. This storage location can be used like any other conventional drive, cut and paste, drag and drop, etc.

The "My WIT OneDrive" should appear 20 seconds to 2 minutes after you logon, depending on the speed of PC, Network at the time, etc. This will not delay the time it takes for you to use the PC, it only delays the time when the WIT OneDrive is available.













You will also get a desktop shortcut to your OneDrive called “My WIT OneDrive”. Through this shortcut you will get functionality like seeing and managing any shared files and how much space you have available. 

Accessing OneDrive from outside WIT

You will be able to access this storage location from outside WIT through a web link which will be on the WIT site or directly by You will need to use your full student login,for example [email protected] and password to gain access. For more information and images see the steps below. 

Step 1 - Go to


Step 2 - Use your WIT account details to Logon


Step 3 - You're now ready to use OneDrive.