WIT Username versus Email Account

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WIT Username versus Email Account

Every student in WIT is entitled to a WIT computer and email account on registering with the Institute.

You need a username and a password to access very many facilities at WIT.  Your username for logging in will be your student number (without the W at the beginning) e.g. [email protected] Passwords are sent out on your registration letter but if you have lost that letter or have forgotten your password, you can call to Computer Services with your student card and we will print it out for you.  Unfortunately, for security reasons, and in compliance with GDPR legislation, we cannot give you your password over the phone and we can only give the password out to the owner of the account. It is a good idea to make a note of your original password in your phone or somewhere else as you may need to refer back to it over the course of your studies at WIT

Remember that your password is case sensitive so if, for example, your password is in small letters, it must be entered in, in small letters otherwise it will not work. 

For further information, please contact the Computer Services Department by email at our address, [email protected]


Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) utilised by WIT to support lecturers and students in creating effective online learning communities.  All registered WIT staff and students can access Moodle using their WIT username and password.

Moodle, a software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, has a range of functionality, which can combine and enhance the traditional learning environment in an online setting.  This functionality includes content management, email, discussion, calendar and chat room to enhance teacher to student communication.  It is intended to compliment and enhance face-to-face lecturing in WIT.

To access Moodle in WIT, please visit click here

The Centre for Technology-Enhanced Learning  Vimeo Resources - click here 

Introduction to Moodle For Students from WITCTEL on Vimeo.

Online Student Services

Registration at WIT is entirely online and accessed here. Using this facility you can register, or check your registration status, add repeat learner modules, update your contact details or request various documents from the Institute. You can access these facilities using your WIT username and password.


Your academic timetables at WIT are available online here. You will need your WIT username and password to access these.

Library Systems

Many of the services offered by the Library at WIT are now online and can be accessed using your WIT username and password. The Library can be accessed clicking here

Eduroam Wi-Fi

Eduroam is a federation of Higher Education providers which allows members of one site access wireless facilities at another members’ site if they are roaming around various Colleges. For example students at WIT can access wireless facilities at any other University or Institute of Technology in Ireland by entering your WIT username and password to get access. For more information about Eduroam in general click here. To find out more about how to connect to Eduroam at WIT click here.


OneDrive is online storage that is provided to you as part of your WIT account. It’s like having a large USB drive on the internet that you can access from many of your devices while on campus or even from home. There are many tutorials available on the web. For further information on OneDrive at WIT click here

Office 365

Microsoft and WIT are pleased to announce that access to download and run Microsoft Office products is now free for current staff and current students. This is a free service provided by Microsoft for the duration of employment or study at WIT. This allows for the installation of Office on up to 5 devices including PC, Mac, and Mobile Devices. You use your WIT username and password to access this facility. For more information on Office 365 click here

WIT uses Google Apps for Education to provide each student with an email address for life.

Your students email address will be in the format of [email protected] e.g. [email protected] and the password to access email is the 9 letter password you received when you registered.  

Each student has unlimited storage for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

The following core Google Services are available to each WIT student.

For more information on the Google services click on the link below.