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Seachtain na Gaeilge 2017

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Seachtain na Gaeilge 2017
Time: All Day
Location: WIT

Irish international festival, Seachtain na Gaeilge, is the largest celebration of our native language and culture taking place in Ireland and in many other countries each year.

It is often referred to as 'Ireland's Irish language festival' and it is aimed at promoting the language and encouraging everyone to enjoy using it. 

WIT are celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge by hosting many events across the campus. 

Try some Gaeilge for yourself! 

If you wish to use the fada when writing Irish, please use the following: You press Alt Gr at the same time as the letter á,é,ó,í. Add the Shift key for capita letters with a fada….. Á, Ó, Ú, Í and É.

Dia duit!

Conas tá tú inniu?

How are you today?

Aon scéal?

Any news?/What’s new?

Buail isteach chugam.

Call in to see me.

An mbeidh cupán caife agat?

Will you have a cup of coffee?

Tá léacht/cruinniú agam.

I have a lecture/meeting.

Bain triail as.

Have a go.

Gabh mo leithscéal.

Excuse me.

One of the highlights of our celebration of this festival at WIT will take place on March 16th when there will be an Irish Language and Culture day in the auditorium.

Some of the days events include:

  • Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan will give a talk on the history of St Patrick
  • Mr Joe Mulvey will talk about the Irish language heritage of our local place-names
  • WIT students (with a special guest) will provide a traditional Irish lunch-time concert
  • Special poetry writing workshop.


Cúl Báire – (cool bwaareh) Goal Keeper

Lánchúlaí Clé – (laankooley clay) Left Corner-Back

Lánchúlaí Láir – (laankooley laar) Full-Back

Lánchúlaí Deas – (laankooley jass) Right Corner-Back

Leathchúlaí Clé – (lahkooley clay) Left Half-Back

Leathchúlaí Láir – (lahkooley laar) Centre Half-Back

Leathchúlaí Deas – (lahkooley jass) Right Half-Back

Imreoir lár na Páirce – (imrorr lar neh pwaarkeh) Midfielder

Leath-thosaí Clé – (lah hossy clay) Left Half-Forward

Leath-thosaí Láir – (lah hossy laar) Centre Half-Forward

Leath-thosaí Deas – (lah hossy jass) Right Half-Forward

Lántosaí Clé – (lan tossy clay) Left Corner-Forward

Lántosaí Láir – (lan tossy laar) Full-Forward

Lántosaí Deas – (lan tossy jass) Right Corner-Forward


Téarmaí Trófaithe – Trophy Terms

Bonn – (bun) Medal

Corn – (corn) Cup

Faoi dheich – (fwee jie) Under 10

Faoi dhó dhéag – (fwee gaw yaig) Under 12

Faoi cheathair déag – (fwee kaher jaig) Under 14

Faoi shé déag – (fwee hay jaig) Under 16

Mionúir – (minnur) Minors

Sóisir/Sóisearaigh – (soshirree) Juniors

Sinsir/Sinsearaigh – (shinshirree) Seniors

Imreoirí faoi aois – (imroree fwee eesh) Underage players

Imreoir na bliana – (imrorr na blaineh) Player of the year

An t-imreoir is mó feabhais – (eh chimror iss mow feowss) Most improved player

Pearsa cumainn na Bliana – (parseh coming na blaineh) Clubperson of the Year

Na Maoir/Na hOifigigh – The Match Officials

An réiteoir – (eh raychorrh) The referee

An fear líne – (eh farh leeneh) The linesman

Na maoir chúil – (neh mwee ir) The umpires

An maor líne – (eh mweer leeneh) The sideline official

Na Foirne – The Teams

Tosaí – (tossy) Forward

Cúlaí – (cooley) Back

Cosantóir – (kawssintorr) Defender

Cúl báire – (cool bwaareh) Goalkeeper

Bainisteoir – (bwannish chor) Manager

An fhoireann eile – (in urrin elleh) The opposition

An fhoireann bhaile – (in urrin walah) The home team

Na cuairteoirí – (neh koor chorree) The visitors

An lucht tacaíochta – (eh locked tack-ee-okta) The supporters

An Cluiche – The Game

An chéad leath – (eh kayde lah) The first half

An dara leath – (eh dareh lah) The second half

Tús/deireadh na chéad leithe – (toos/jeroo na kayde lie-heh) Beginning/end of the first


Gaoth láidir – (gee laajirh) A strong wind

Cluiche dúshláin/cairdiúil – (cleeheh carjool) A challenge match

Cluiche sraithe – (cleeheh sryheh) A league match

Cluiche craoibhe – (cleeheh creeveh) A championship match

Comhscór – (coe scawr)A level match/draw

Athimirt – (ah-im-irch) A replay


Téarmaí Spóirt – Sporting Terms

Saorchic – (seerkick) – A free kick

Feall – (faal) A foul

Ruathar aonair – (roohur) A solo run

Cúl – (cool) A goal

Cúilín – (cooleen) A point

Seachaí – (shahee) A wide

Ar fóraoil – (air forreel) (It went) wide

Liathróid – (layradge) A ball

Sliotar – (shliter) A hurling ball

Peil Ghaelach – (pell gaylah) Gaelic football

Iománaíocht – (ummanee-ockt) Hurling

Peil na mban – (pell na manh) Ladies’ football

Camógaíocht – (ka mowgeeockt) Camogie

Cic éirice – (kick errika) A penalty



Scrum = Clibirt

Pack = Paca

Forwards = Tosaithe

Lineout = Síneadh amach

Try = Úd

Converted try = Úd slánaithe

Sin bin = Loca pionóis

Come on Leinster = Laighin abú

Come on Munster = Mumhan abu

Attack = Ionsaí

Defence = Cosaint

Penalty = Cic pionóis/Cic éirice

Offside = As an imirt

Hooker = Húicéir

outhalf / half back = Leathchúlaí

Lineout = Síneadh amach

The 22 (area) = Achar 22

Attacking  = Ag ionsaí

Discipline = Smacht

Tackle = Greamadh

Wing = Cliathán

Winger = Cliathánach

Whistle = Feadóg

Knock on = Tulchnag

Foul = Iogán

Tam Caite = time up

Bonus point = pointe bónas

Irish Staff Conversation Classes

NO PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE of the language is required. Classes will include words on  Me and my family, my hobbies, my job ... Tuesday 1.15 – 2.00pm with ían o Catháin

Conversation classes for anyone who has a little Irish already . Thursday 12.15 – 1.00pm facilitated by Séamus Ó Diollúin

Advanced oral/written communication . Friday 1.15 – 2.00pm facilitated by Séamus Ó Diollúin

A light lunch will be provided at each  class so you must confirm your attendance for the 6 weeks

Monday 13th March – Free Lón Gaelach in the T&L Restaurant. Please confirm your attendance to [email protected].

Wednesday 15th March – Free Caifé agus Cómhrá in the T&L Restaurant Please confirm your attendance to [email protected]


Best Office Video as Gaeilge…… needs to be less than one minute…..we are looking for staff to use a few phrases/sentences as Gaeilge. Please send the video to [email protected]. There will be a €100 prize for the best one (sponsored by the WIT Social Club.)