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Communicate with Impact Masterclass – Skillfluence

Communicate with Impact Masterclass – Skillfluence
Location: Room G17, Health Sciences Building, Main Campus

This interactive and applied workshop helps researchers “connect the dots” between effective communications, successful funding applications, societal impact and career success. Researchers learn impactful tools and techniques used in in academia, business and the dramatic arts.

Key Skill Areas:

  • Storytelling for researchers (intro)
  • The “one thing”
  • Using the power of numbers to create excitement
  • How to adjust your language for maximum impact
  • The power of metaphors to explain complex ideas
  • Benefits vs features (their roles and when to use)
  • Techniques for bringing abstract ideas to life
  • How to explain your idea in 13 words or less

Participants leave with impactful communications for their research and a toolset they can use to improve their communication strategy moving forward. The tools and skills help participants create compelling and persuasive research proposals and funding applications, deliver engaging presentations, have productive conversations with industry partners and investors and effectively engage with a wide range of community stakeholders.


About the trainer: ZACH SORRELLS, Skillfluence

Zach has been working in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship for over 15 years.  He’s an experienced trainer, facilitator, coach and entrepreneur and believes in a disciplined, structured and systems-based approach to innovation and business growth.  He has applied, or taught, this approach in a variety of roles with individuals, companies and organizations ranging from multi-nationals, SMEs, economic development agencies, universities, SMEs, angel investors, startups and high school students.


This event is being coordinated as part of Professional Development Week 2020. Please complete the form below to register.

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