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Leading Annual Lean Forum to take place May 2019 in WIT Arena

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Leading Annual Lean Forum to take place May 2019 in WIT Arena
Location: WIT Arena
Cost: Free, but booking required
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The 7th Annual WIT Lean Enterprise Excellence Forum will take place in the WIT Arena on Thursday 9 of May, 2019 and will feature subject matter experts and experienced industry practitioners who will present on core Lean themes.


The Annual WIT Lean Enterprise Excellence Forum is distinctive for featuring organisations of all sizes - from large multinationals to SMEs and Micro enterprises.

The forum will be of interest to organisations of all sizes and from all sectors that have adopted or will adopt Lean thinking and practices to enable and sustain competitiveness in national and global marketplaces. It is run in association with RIKON, WIT, the South East Lean Network, Lean Business Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland and Lean Construction Ireland (LCi).

Darrin Taylor, co-founder and co-director of the Lean Academy of Lean Enterprise Excellence states that “This industry-academia conference focuses on best practices and cutting-edge developments in lean enterprise, operational, and process excellence; Lean thinking and practices; and continuous improvement.”

Keynote speaker

The forum will feature keynote speaker Professor Peter Hines; a prominent global thought leader in Lean and award- winning author who said “I am as ever really looking forward to the WIT Lean Forum. It is by far my favourite conference of the year, full of genuine people looking to share freely their knowledge with other organisations. I am happy to be part of this gathering and will discuss my new book The Essence of Excellence.”

Repeat attendee and guest speaker Dr Noel Hennessey (Principal Consultant SA Partners, M.D. Practical Lean Solutions) says “Irrespective of where you are on your Lean journey, attending the WIT Lean Forum will definitely accelerate you’re learning, within insights garnered from both an academic and practical perspective.”


The Academy of Lean Enterprise Excellence is led by Darrin Taylor and Aidan Walsh, and involves a number of faculty who lecture and/or Lean Enterprise research in areas related to Lean. It has as its senior advisor Professor Peter Hines, visiting Professor at the RIKON Centre, Business School.

The Academy brings together industry, policy and academia to develop high quality and actionable research that advances the literature on Lean thinking and practice, and that can be applied within public and private organisations and across all services and manufacturing sectors to enable and sustain Lean enterprise excellence.

Limited Places

This is a free and open all-day conference, however, places are limited and it is strictly a ticket-only event. For full list of programme and speakers, please visit WIT Lean Forum.

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