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Peer Coaching for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning Seminar

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Peer Coaching for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning Seminar
Location: T&L Boardroom, Tourism and Leisure Building
Cost: Free event
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Peer Coaching for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning Seminar with Dr. Ruairí Kellegher.

Peer coaching

Peer coaching is a staff development model which can be used to develop and try new strategies and determine what does and does not work by critically evaluating beliefs about teaching and learning. Peer coaching is built upon trusting relationships that develop between lecturers.


The seminar will outline the nature of a coaching conversation and give participants an opportunity to deveop their listening, questioning and feedback skills. The seminar is designed to develop professional communication and dialogue one of the four domains underpinned by the National Professional Development framework’s values.

Effective communication

Collegial coaching, technical coaching, challenge coaching and team coaching will be examined and their use in third level explored. The four types of peer coaching are all very different, but they are built upon effective communication that is honest and open and based on an unbiased attitude and a willingness to help others grow professionally.

This involves trust building. Effective peer coaches must be dedicated to working in a trusting relationship with a partner to continually improve his or her teaching skills. They must also be open to new ideas and willingly share classroom experiences with their partners. Effective communication means more than just teachers talking with each other. It involves:

• conversation skills

• listening skills

• nonverbal language

• giving constructive feedback

• developing trusting relationships

The seminar/worshop will employ a blended learning approach involving experiential learning techniques complimented by facilitated debriefs, group discussions and short presentations.

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