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Personal Effectiveness for Researchers

Personal Effectiveness for Researchers
Location: Netlabs Boardroom, Carriganore, West Campus

Building Your Efficiency and Personal Effectiveness

As professionals we have lots to do. Some tasks are important; some simply take our time. Yet time is limited commodity – we cannot get more of it. As such in order to be efficient and effective we have to find ways of prioritising activities so that we focus on the right things at the right time.  

And as well as this "outer game" of time and activity management, we also have to manage ourselves and our stress and resilience (the "inner game").

This session will be practical and centred on your needs and situations.  It will help you to consider how you spend the most precious resource you have and what behaviours and habits may need to change. We’ll introduce some tools and approaches, but focus mainly on the behaviours and habits that effective professionals develop to help them manage their time and activity.
Specifically we’ll consider:

  • Overcoming barriers to effectiveness
  • How to balance the many demands that are placed on your time
  • How to get the best from the time that you have
  • The ‘inner-games’ of resilience, motivation and focus


The session will be delivered by Dr Steve Hutchinson of Hutchinson Training & Development.


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