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Fe ProgressionFurther Education Progression Scheme

Further Education Progression Scheme

Waterford Institute of Technology offers preferential entry to students who successfully complete a linked FET programme in partner Colleges of Further Education and who meet certain criteria.

The aim of the WIT Progression Scheme is to ensure equality of opportunity for, and the smooth transition of learners moving from further to higher education. The Scheme recognises the range of generic and discipline specific skills and knowledge acquired by successful students on further education programmes and matches these to the requirements of WIT programmes. 

Who is Eligible for Consideration under Progression Scheme?

Students of partner Colleges of Further Education who meet the specific criteria.


  • The WIT Progression Scheme is an additional route into Higher Education for students of partner Colleges of Further Education. The route is in addition to applicants being assessed as regular CAO applicants on the basis of Leaving Certificate or FET QQI points etc, or as a CAO mature applicants (if over 23 on 1 January on the year of entry), if relevant;
  • There are a specific number of places reserved on particular WIT programmes for Progression Scheme applicants;
  • The WIT progression workshops and information sessions, held at partner Colleges of Further Education, offer a valuable preview of the nature of the WIT programme(s) chosen and college life.
  • The WIT Progression Scheme set out the requirements that an applicant must meet to be considered for a place at WIT under the Progression Scheme. A student who is about to embark on a FET course at one of the partner Colleges of Further Education covered by the agreement will therefore know which programme to select and successfully complete, and what additional requirements are essential, in order to be considered for the progression scheme and maximise his/her opportunities for gaining a place in higher education.
  • Offers to applicants under the Progression Scheme are made in advance of CAO Round 1 which gives more time to organise accommodation and make travel arrangements.