PostgraduateResearch Postgraduate

Research Postgraduate

There are two research degree options:

  • Masters by Research

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Research programmes involve individual or small group projects under the supervision of highly qualified research leaders. In most cases, research programmes are examined by dissertation and  in some cases a display or creative work and / or viva voce.

Duration: Typical duration of a Masters by Research programme is 21 months full-time or 42 months part-time.

  • Minimum entry standard: 2nd class honours Bachelor Degree (Level 8) in a field of study directly related to the subject matter of the masters degree

  • Candidates will be expected to acquire a mastery of the principles and theory underlying their chosen subject and a knowledge and appreciation of the relevant literature

  • This will be achieved through research and attendance at courses and/or directed study programmes, where necessary

Duration: Typical duration of a PhD programme is three years (full-time) to six years (part-time)

  • There are two possible entry pathways for PhD students. Candidates normally commence their studies on the Masters Register but can transfer to the PhD Register after 12 months, subject to the satisfactory completion of the transfer process. Alternatively, candidates may be allowed direct entry to the PhD Register if particular criteria are met

  • The PhD is conferred for advanced levels of achievement, in which the candidate demonstrates outstanding scholarship and ability

  • The candidate must demonstrate that he/she has conducted original, independent research and has a broad knowledge of a particular field of study and a comprehensive knowledge of the specialist area upon which his/her research is focused