Postgraduate Research Applications

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Postgraduate Research Applications

Before Applying

Opportunities for research leading to postgraduate awards are advertised in the press and on the WIT website and promoted at postgraduate fairs, nationally and internationally.  Prior to submitting an application, the candidate will normally consult with the appropriate Academic Department to ensure it is in a position to consider their application.  Applicants for research places are expected to have an idea for a research topic. They are strongly advised to have had prior contact with WIT researchers to ensure that WIT has the capacity to supervise them and the facilities for the work they intend to undertake.  Heads of Department and Research supervisors are happy to provide this type of advice to prospective postgraduates.

In some cases, there are opportunities to work on funded research projects. These are advertised in the national and local press and on our website. Those interested apply and qualified applicants will be short-listed and interviewed. Specific application details will be outlined on each advertised project.
How to Apply

Funded Research Postgraduate Programmes

Applicants for funded Research Postgraduate programmes at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) should apply directly to the Institute by submitting the completed application form Application Form to [email protected]   Further information and details regarding funded Research Postgraduate programmes and scholarships are available from the Funded Opportunities section of our websiteUseful Guide: Application Procedures for Funded Postgraduate Research Programmes

Non-Funded Research Postgraduate Programmes

Applications for non-fund Research Postgraduate Programmes at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) should be made online through the Postgraduate Application Centre (PAC) at

The PAC online application system is open for new non-funded research postgraduate applications.  This is an online application system that allows applicants, for a fee of €50, to apply for up to four courses at Waterford Institute of Technology. Course selection can be from any of our PhD, Research and Taught Masters, Diplomas or Certificate courses. The fee is paid directly to PAC.   Useful Guide: Application Procedures for Non-Funded Research Postgraduate Programmes

On receipt of the application fee, your application will be available to view on the PAC system. Applicants are notified by email as each step of the review route is progressed. It is therefore, imperative that applicants have a secure email account and review it regularly for updates.

Research Postgraduate Admissions Contact: Tel: 051 302883   Email: [email protected]

NOTE: International Students (Non-EU) are advised to contact the international office before submitting an application via PAC. International Office staff will give guidelines on how to apply and use PAC.  The closing date for the majority of programmes is in late June, early July. However, some programmes may have a different closing date taking into account the nationality of the applicant (some countries have longer visa processing times).


All complete applications for positions are assessed by the relevant Research Programme Board in the School to which the research will be undertaken and by the Postgraduate Enrolment Group, which is a sub-committee of the WIT Academic Council. A selection interview is a normal requirement for applicants competing for positions on funded research projects. Not all qualified candidates will be admitted. Cognisance will be taken of the Institute’s equal opportunities policy.

The assessment process addresses, amongst other things, the quality of the proposed research programme, the qualifications and experience of the proposed supervisory team, the qualifications and experience of the applicant, the availability of appropriate generic skills and discipline specific training for the applicant, and the available of the resources necessary to successfully complete the proposed research programme. It is possible that a decision will be made to not offer you the position on the research programme based on the outcome of this assessment process. The assessment process will be executed in a timely manner, but it should be noted that the process can take 2 to 3 months to complete.

If the assessment process results in a recommendation to offer you a position, a formal offer will be issued to you by the WIT Registrar’s Office. This offer will provide details of the steps to be taken to register as a WIT student.

Entry Requirements

The normal minimum entry standard for a Master by Research or PhD degree is an honours Bachelor Degree (minimum level: 2nd Class Honours) in a field of study directly related to the subject matter of the research degree programme. In the case of applicants for a research position who hold a 2.2 Honours degree, they may be required to undertake a Postgraduate Diploma or a Taught Master's degree. The qualifications of direct applicants from overseas will be reviewed using the NARIC index.   Applicants whose first language is not English must submit evidence of competency in English, please see WIT’s English Language Requirements for details.

Is there a closing date for research applications?

There is no closing date for applications for un-funded research degree programmes. However, candidates are advised to apply two months in advance of their preferred start date. Positions for funded research degree programmes are advertised on the WIT website, national and internationally, with a specified closing date for applications.

How long will it take before I hear if I have been accepted?

You will receive an initial acknowledgement confirming receipt of your application immediately.  However, it can take up to three months before you receive confirmation that you have been accepted onto a research degree programme.

What are the start dates for research?

September/October, January/March

How can I find a supervisor?

If you are seeking to apply for a place on an unfunded research degree programme you should firstly contact the Academic Department where you wish to carry out your research.  Academic Departments in WIT and their contact details.   All candidates applying to research degree programmes in WIT are encouraged to contact the Head of Department/Prospective Supervisors to discuss their proposed area of research prior to making a research application.  This contact will permit assessment of the feasibility of carrying out a research programme at the level sought, as well as allowing a thorough discussion of the proposed research project with prospective supervisor(s). 

Can I apply for a research programme in two departments?

Yes, you can be jointly supervised by staff member attached to two different departments.

I don’t have a research topic. Can I still apply?

It is strongly encouraged for you have a research topic before you can apply online. As a first step applicants are encouraged to firstly contact the Academic Department where you wish to carry out your research (see “How can I find a supervisor” above).

How does the system work for research applicants?

Applicants for unfunded research degree programmes should submit their application online via PAC supplying any other supporting documentation such as transcript of results, references etc.  Applications for funded research degree programmes are accepted via email, in line with the advertisement for the funded project.

How will I be contacted about my application?

All correspondence about your application is in writing or email. In some cases the Research Postgraduate Admissions Officer may contact you by phone or email requesting further information.

How will I know when a decision has been made regarding my application?

Research Postgraduate Admissions, Registrar’s Office will issue the formal notification of the decision.  If your application has been successful you will receive confirmation by way of an Offer, which you should accept if you wish to proceed with your enrolment in WIT.  Once your acceptance has been received your will be sent an Enrolment instructions and Fee payment information in order to proceed with your enrolment on a Research Postgraduate Programme in WIT.