Admissions Regulations

Postgraduate StudiesAdmissions Regulations

Admissions Regulations

1. To become a student of WIT, individuals must be fully registered on a programme of study. WIT does not consider an applicant to be a student until they have fully completed the registration process. 

A CAO or direct entry applicant is not considered to be student solely on the basis of an offer of a place in WIT and/or acceptance of such an offer. All offers are subject to the regulations of the Institute.

2. Registration must take place at the times and manner specified by WIT.

3. The Institute reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to register a CAO or direct entry applicant where to do so might either (a) impact on the Institute’s obligation to maintain a positive learning environment and/or (b) on the Institute’s duty of care to others.

4. Where an applicant is not permitted to register on a programme of study, that decision will be communicated to the applicant in writing.  In those circumstances, the applicant will be afforded a right of response and an appeal to the President in accordance with established fair procedures.

5. Where matters exist that might ultimately result in the Institute exercising its discretion to refuse to register an applicant on a programme of study, the prospective applicant is required to contact the [Registrar] for advice prior to applying to the Institute.

6. An un-registered applicant is not entitled to avail of any of WIT's facilities and may not sit examinations.

7. Fee payment alone does not constitute registration.

(See Academic Regulations for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Programmes  & the Research Postgraduate Degree Regulations for the current academic year)

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