Deferring a Place

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Deferring a Place

WIT will consider sympathetically requests from applicants, who, having been successful in gaining a place in the Institute, decide that they wish to defer their entry until the following year.

Deferrals will be subject to the Institute offering the course in the year the applicant proposes to enter the Institute and applicants should also note that a grant offered in the current year might not be available in the year of commencing studies.

WIT will not allow any applicant to hold either:

  • more than one deferral, or

  • a deferral and an acceptance in any given year

Deferral Procedures

On recipt of an offer notice:

  • Do not accept the offer in the manner shown on the offer notice.  Do not make any payment.

  • Write immediately to the Registration Office at WIT setting out the reason(s) for the request.

  • The letter must arrive in the Registration Office at least two days before the "reply date" shown on the offer notice.  Please ensure that the top left hand corner of the envelope is clearly marked with the word "deferral".

  • Part C of the offer notice must be attached to the letter.

  • WIT will communicate its decision to the applicant.

  • In order to take up the deferred place, the applicant must re-apply to the CAO by 1st February of the succeeding year, placing the deferred course as the first and only preference.