Start WIT: Important dates for WIT freshers

School LeaversStart WIT: Important dates for WIT freshers

Start WIT: Important dates for WIT freshers

Dear New Student

2016 calendar Congratulations on being offered a place at WIT. We are delighed to have you as one of our 2,000 students starting here this September. This is a really exciting time for you and we wish you every success as you start your college life with us.

Important dates

If you have already accepted your CAO offer for WIT, there is nothing you need to do immediately. However, we have listed some key dates that are important to note before starting college in September.

  • The Admissions Office will email your Online Registration details on Wednesday 30 August. Be sure to follow through with all instructions.

  • The email will also include information with regard to when you will start your journey at WIT.

  • Start WIT dates are 6, 7 and 8 September.  Your specific dates will be detailed in the email.

  • Start WIT encompasses both Registration and Orientation and will give you a great opportunity to meet your classmates and lecturers and become familiar with the campus.

  • All classes start on Monday 11 September.  You will receive your timetable and all relevant class details during your Start WIT activities.

See you in September.


Anne-Marie Frampton
Academic Administration & Student Affairs Manager

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