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Maths Entry Exam

2020 Maths Entry Exam will take place after the Leaving Certificate 2020 examination results are released.  The date has yet to be confirmed.

The Maths Entry Exam scheme is designed to assist students who have not achieved the required grade in maths for entry into Waterford Institute of Technology. The process provides a “second chance” for students to achieve that grade by attempting a paper comparable to the leaving certificate ordinary level paper. The content of this paper will be based on the leaving certificate (ordinary level) syllabus.

Candidates who sit the examination at WIT and achieve the designated grade specific to their chosen programme of study, will be offered a place (subject to numbers) as a CAO round 4 offer.

Note that offers to eligibile applicants will not be made in advance of round 4  and the scheme will not provide any additional points to the total leaving certificate score.

Closing date: to be confirmed.


Contact Details

Tel: 051 302882
Email: [email protected]

To be eligible for consideration under the scheme, the applicant should meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant has applied to WIT through the CAO application process for 2020 entry
  • The applicant has achieved the required points for entry into their chosen programme of study and met all other criteria set for the programme (except maths requirement).
  • The applicant has not achieved the required grade in their mathematics examination for entry into the programme at the Institute.
  • Note: You are eligible to sit the exam if you failed maths (Higher, Ordinary or Foundation levels).

The examination will follow the standard format of the existing leaving certificate with two papers based on the existing leaving certificate ordinary level.

Applicants can expect the questions to reflect the standard of the leaving certificate ordinary level examination. There is no access to previous WIT Maths Entry exam papers.

Exam Details

DATE The examination will take place on a date to be confirmed at the WIT Main Campus
TIME Paper 1: 9.30am - 12.00am
Paper 2: 2.00pm - 4.30pm

Meet in the Main Atrium on the Cork Road at 9.15AM. You will be brought to the Exam room by the Institiute's Exam Officer.
NOTE: You must bring photo identification with you (e.g. Passport, Garda Agecard)


Each applicant will be contacted directly by the Office of the Registrar and advised of their examination result. Under Data Protection, results can not be issued to any person other than the candidate.

The applicant will be contacted by the Admissions Office on the afternoon of round 4 offer date,  2020 advising her/him if they are eligible to receive an offer in round 4.

There are no appeals.

Mock Papers

There is no access to previous WIT Maths Entry exam papers for revision purposes, please use past Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate papers - WIT Maths Entry Exam follows this format and standard.

Main Revision Course

Waterford College of Further Education (WCFE) may run a revision programme for candidates wishing to avail of the Math Entry Exam. All queries relating to the revision programme should be directed to WCFE (051 874053 ext 301 / [email protected]).

The cost of the programme is €150 and in previous years has run from  9.30am to 4.30pm for the four days prior to the Maths Entry Exam.

All Information relating to this is available from: Philip Deegan WCFE.

Can I get mock or past WIT Maths Entry Exam papers?

There is no access to previous WIT Maths Entry exam papers for revision purposes, please use past Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate papers - WIT Maths Entry Exam follows this format and standard.

What is the CAO statement?

This is the list of programmes the student has applied for through the CAO.  This can be submitted as a screenshot.

Can I apply if I have already passed maths in the leaving certificate?

Yes.  The scheme is based on the maths entry requirement for your chosen course.  For example, if the maths entry requirement for your first choice programme was O5 or better, but you only received an O6, then you could take the examination and obtain a place on your chosen programme if you achieved an O5 or better.

Can I apply if I failed my maths in the leaving certificate?

Yes.  The Maths Entry Exam gives you an opportunity to improve upon your maths grade attained in the leaving certificate.

Can I apply if I sat Foundation Level maths in my leaving certificate?

Yes. The Maths Entry exam is open to all Leaving Certificate applicants.

Can I apply if I have already received a place at WIT?

Yes, if you received a place that is a lower preference because you did not meet the maths requirement for the higher preference place.

Can I study at WIT if I have an offer from another college?

Yes you can but only if:

  • Your chosen programme at WIT is a higher preference on your CAO list than the programme at the other college, and

  • You achieve the required grade in the Maths Entry Exam and meet all other qualifying criteria for the programme

You will not be entitled to a place at WIT if you received an offer for a programme at another college that is a higher preference than the WIT programme.


Is there a fee for taking the examination?

A non refundable fee of €35 will apply to each application.

Will I get additional leaving certificate points if I get a higher grade?

No. Your leaving certificate points total will not be altered as a result of the Maths Entry Exam. The examination merely deals with the entry requirements and not your CAO points requirements. If you have not obtained the cut-off points for your preferred programme, then you should not take the exam.

If I become eligible for a number of programmes, which one will I be offered?

You will be offered the highest preference programme for which you are eligible.

Are there any programmes excluded from the Scheme?

The following programmes are excluded for the Scheme:

  • All nursing programmes (WD116, WD117 and WD120)

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Common Entry (WD007)

Can you give me some examples?


John wants to do the Bachelor of Business (Hons) at Waterford Institute of Technology. He has achieved 350 points which is greater than the cut-off points for entry into the course and met the other criteria with the exception of maths.

John obtained an O6 in maths. As he does not meet the maths requirements of O5, he is not offered a place. If John sits the Maths Entry Exam at WIT and scores an O5 or better, he will then be offered a place.


Linda wants to do the BA (H) Psychology. She has 290 points which is below the CAO cut-off points for the programme. She does not get an offer of a place. Since she is below the CAO cut-off points, there is no benefit to Linda of attempting the Maths Entry Exam at WIT.


Barry has not applied through the CAO to study at Waterford Institute of Technology. As he cannot change his CAO preferences, he will not be offered any place at the Institute and there is no benefit in him attempting the Maths Entry Exam.