Qualifications other than Leaving Cert

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Qualifications other than Leaving Cert

This scheme provides for the scoring of applicants presenting QQI FET/FETAC examination results. The scored results will be entered into the CAO system in the normal way.

QQI FET/FETAC has introduced a new awards system known as the Common Awards System, or CAS. All QQI FET/FETAC awards will be part of CAS from 2014. CAS awardswill replace existing linked QQI FET/FETAC awards.

As a result a new scoring system for QQI FET/FETAC awards will apply for entry through CAO to higher education from 2013. This scoring system will apply to all relevant QQI FET/FETAC level 5 and 6 awards listed on the CAO and higher education institution website. See QQI FET/FETAC Scoring Process tab for details..

Minimum Entry Requirements

The following minimum entry requirements will apply to graduates of QQI FET/FETAC Level 5 seeking admission to courses at Waterford Institute of Technology:

  • Higher Certificate (Level 6): Minimum entry: QQI FET/FETAC Level 5 or Level 6 award.

  • Ab-initio Degree (Level 7): Minimum entry: QQI FET/FETAC Level 5 or Level 6 award.

  • Ab-initio Honours Degree (Level 8): Minimum entry: QQI FET/FETAC Level 5 or Level 6 award including a distinction grade in at least three modules.

Please refer to the QQI website (http://www.qqi.ie) for changes to the award structure.

A full QQI FET/FETAC award normally contains eight modules.  Where a full award is accumulated over more than one academic year, it is the responsibility of the applicant to apply to QQI FET/FETAC for a full award.  A record of achievement does not meet these minimum entry standards.

How to Apply

Applications must be made through the CAO by the 1st February.  If you are taking QQI FET/FETAC examinations in the current acaemic year, please ensure to enter your PPS number on page one of the CAO application form.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Programmes

Please see Nursing/Midwifery A Career for You booklet (http://www.nursingcareers.ie) for the most up-to-date entry requirements.

Whilst QQI FET/FETAC applicants may meet the requirements outlined above and be eligible for a nursing degree programme, due to the smallnumber of places availalbe, a random selection system is operated by the CAO.

Rules for eligibility

  • Progression is on the basis of achieving a Level 5 or 6 major award, with a minimum credit value of 120. Component awards, or achievement of less than 120 credits, wil not suffice. 

  •  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that their QQI FET/FETAC registered centre applies to QQI FET/FETAC for a major award prior to application to CAO. 

  • A major award may be achieved over more than one year. Waterford Institute of Technology  requires tha an applicant's major award must be achieved and/or scored in a single sitting i.e over one certification year, between 1 August and 31 July. 

  • In addition some programmes in higher education require achievement of specified component awards, specific grades in individual component awards, or additional awards such as mathematics. Applicants are advised to confirm details of any specific requirementswith the Admissions Office of the individual higher education institution. Details may also be found in the QQI FET/FETAC section of the CAO website.

Applicants are recommended to review the section QQI FET/FETAC qualifications on http://www.cao.ie

Applications must be made through the CAO by the 1st February .  If you are taking  QQI FET/FETAC examinations, please ensure to enter your PPS number on page one fo the CAO application form.

Leaving Cert Vocational

Waterford Institute of Technology treats the link modules as a single subject and awards points as follows:

Distinction - 66, Merit - 46, Pass - 28

This is automatically computed by the CAO and will count if it is one of your six best subjects.  It will not, however, substitute for an honour where one or more are required.



Leaving Cert Applied

The Leaving Certificate Applied Programme was designed primarily to prepare students for the transition from school to working life.  It is not intended for direct tansfer into third level.  However, students with the LCAP who have completed a QQI FET/FETAC award can be considered for entry.