School of Business Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Academic/course scholarship
School of Business Entrepreneurial Scholarship
Number of Places: 1
Monetary Value:  €2,000 per year of study and €500 per semester
Contact Person: Jenny Deveraux
Contact email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The School of Business Entrepreneurial Scholarship programme encourages and rewards an inspiring School of Business undergraduate student who demonstrate an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

The successful student will receive a bursary of €2,000 per year of study (to be paid in two instalments per programme year) along with €500 per semester for student services. The student will also be part of the Student Ambassador programme for the duration of their studies, representing the Institute and the School. See the 'Conditions' tab for a full list of duties.

School Of Business
Code Name Duration
WD048 Bachelor of Business (Hons) (Common Entry) 4 years
WD048 Bachelor of Business Hons (Economics & Finance) 4 years
WD048 Bachelor of Business Hons (Human Resource Management) 4 years
WD048 Bachelor of Business Hons (Management) 4 years
WD048 Bachelor of Business Hons (Accounting) 4 years
WD048 Bachelor of Business Hons (Marketing) 4 years
WD084 BA (Hons) in Accounting 3 years
WD193 BA (Hons) in Marketing & Digital Media 4 years
WD134 BA (Hons) in International Business 4 years
WD159 Bachelor of Business 3 years
WD184 BSc in Retail Management 3 years
WD003 Higher Certificate in Business 2 years

Criteria for assessing applications

The successful student will be an individual of outstanding ability who has demonstrated his/her entrepreneurial skills through the creation of:

  • a new idea or ideas

  • new enterprises

  • social innovations while providing inspiration for his/her peers

A number of terms and conditions apply:

  • Applicants must be a registered student on a full time undergraduate programme in the School of Business.

  • Each individual can submit only one application.

  • If a scholarship holder withdraws from the course for which they have registered or does not continue throughout the year to meet the attendance and other requirements for the course the scholarship will be withdrawn.

  • REACH Programme: Successful scholars may not be eligible to avail of some financial elements of the REACH programme but may still avail of other supports within the programme. Please contact [email protected].

  • SUSI Grant: The School of Business Entrepreneurial Scholarship financial award is not considered as reckonable income and should not affect SUSI applications. Successful scholars must declare their Entrepreneurial Scholarship award to Revenue.

Entrepreneurial Scholarship duties

As the School of Business Entrepreneurial Scholar, you will be expected to represent the School of Business in the following ways:

  • Event support: Support the School of Business at major events in WIT and may be asked to attend a school visit to their school with a member of the School/Marketing & Outreach team. 

  • PR and web content:  The Entrepreneurial Scholar will be expected to write one written or video story per semester (two per academic year) using a template and training by the Marketing team. These articles may be distributed to media, be posted on WIT’s website and social media channels. 

  • Social Media: The Entrepreneurial Scholar is required to promote WIT through their social media channels. 

  • The Marketing & Communications team will support the scholarship student in all of the above activities.

Stage 1

Apply for theEntrepreneurial Scholarship before 5pm on Monday, 4 November 2019 using the online form on this webpage.

Your application will require the following information:

  • Contact details

  • Your course and year of study

  • Summary statement: A 500 word submission stating why you meet the criteria to be a WIT Entrepreneurial Scholar. Submissions must NOT exceed 500 words

  • Support documentation: You must submit documentation to support your statement with the online application. This could be a project, a poster, video, webpage, essay, presentation, an app etc. You can upload or link to this information through our online application form. 

Stage 2

  • Following WIT's assessment process, shortlisted candidates will be invited to proceed to Stage 2 of the Scholarship programme.  This will take place in WIT and will involve shortlisted candidates presenting their case to an expert panel.

  • Students will be shortlisted for interview based on their submission and willl be advised of the date and location of the Stage 2 assessment directly but it's expected to be in semester 1.

Stage 3

The successful student will notified within one week of the interview. Unsuccessful students will be notified at the same time.