AdmissionsThird Level Graduate Programme (1G Visa)

Third Level Graduate Programme (1G Visa)

Third Level Graduate Programme (1G Visa)

What is the 1G Visa?

The 1G visa indicates you have finished your studies in Ireland and have permission to look for employment in Ireland under the Third Level Graduate Programme. You must have your final results to be eligible to apply. What are the conditions? There are 7 criteria that you must fulfil. All available here:

Notes to consider:

  •  A person who qualifies will be granted an extension to their current student permission, for a period of up to 24 months depending on their level of study. Level 8 (e.g. Honours Degree) - Maximum 12 months and Level 9/10 (e.g. Masters'/PhD) - Maximum 24 months.
  • Those eligible to remain for up to 24 months (graduates of level 9 and 10 programmes) will be given permission to remain initially for 12 months, and will then need to renew their visa for a further 12 months.
  • You are entitled to work full time under this scheme -a maximum of 40 hours per week.
  • You must apply within six months of being notified by the relevant awarding body or institution that you have achieved the award for which you had enrolled as a student.
  •  A graduate will not be permitted to access the Programme on more than two separate occasions.
  •  Graduates who receive the Stamp 1G are also entitled to return to education after availing of the scheme if they re-enter at a higher level and can finish the new course within the overall 7 year limit on studies for non-EEA students. For graduates with an award at level 9 or above the overall limit is 8 years.
  •   Cost is €300.

Documents Required: 

  • Evidence that the student has achieved the award for which they had previously been enrolled as a student, i.e. the degree scroll/parchment/transcript from the Exams/Records Office/official print out of your FINAL exam results.
  • Current Stamp 2 student immigration permission and an up-to-date immigration registration card.
  • Applicants should also take the usual documents required for renewal of an Irish Residency Permit card: 

Persons eligible to re-register for a further twelve months in the circumstances as set out above, will be expected to present evidence (e.g. attendance at job interviews, signing up with graduate employment agencies, etc.) that they have been actively seeking graduate level employment during the previous 12 months).


Graduates from WIT’s undergraduate programmes can apply for their 1G graduate study permit as soon as their final results are ratified by the Examination board– either in May or September.

Postgraduate programmes at WIT are one calendar year in length. Like undergraduate programmes, final results are required to be ratified by an Examination board. These boards are usually held in the third and sometimes fourth week of September. Transcripts of results, issued from the School Office only, will be posted to graduates as soon as the exam boards are completed.

For all graduates, a letter of successful completion from the WIT Office for International Relations is required to support your application for the 1G graduate visa. A request for this letter should be submitted through our online letter request facility here. You will also require a final transcript of results and the usual documents required for renewal of an Irish Residency Permit card. Please note, final transcript of results will not be issued until all results have been ratified by the Examination Board.

Whilst undergraduate students who successfully complete their programme in May should not have an issue with securing an appointment for their 1G visa in May / June, for undergraduate and postgraduate students looking for an appointment in September, you may be faced with delays in securing an appointment. If students wish to book their appointment in advance of their results being issued but for a date after their results are released, you should book your Immigration appointment for your 1G visa after the above dates. Appointment requests should be emailed to [email protected]

If you move address, please ensure to update your new address here. Otherwise, your transcript of results will be posted to your Waterford address.

Please note the requirements to apply for your 1G graduate visa may differ in the various Immigration offices throughout the country.

If you have any queries, please contact the team in the WIT Office for International Relations at [email protected] or visit the Irish National Immigration Service website at at