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Outgoing Staff Mobility   

Erasmus+ is the EU’s flagship education and training programme, enabling students to study and work abroad each year. In addition, it funds the academic mobility of students and staff between higher education institutions across Europe. Erasmus+ provides teaching and training opportunities for the staff of higher education institutions and the staff invited from enterprises. An Erasmus period provides staff with a chance to expand their language skills, pick up new ideas and practices and the chance to build a relationship with a new institution. 

How does it work? 

Each year WIT staff have the opportunity to apply for Erasmus+ Staff Mobility grants. Erasmus+ grants are available to: 

  • WIT Teaching and Training staff (Academic, Administration and Management staff) to spend a period of time teaching or training at Erasmus+ partner institutions; 
  • WIT Teaching and Training staff to visit Erasmus+ partner institutions to monitor WIT students; 
  • WIT Teaching and Training staff to visit new institutions to develop future inter-institutional agreements. 


What is the definition of “staff mobility for teaching”? 

Teaching assignments can come in various forms and take place as seminars, lectures and tutorials, for example. Actual teaching in this context should require the teacher to be physically present with the students. Although email tutoring or any other forms of distance learning as well as preparation are highly encouraged, they do not count in the minimum number of 8 hours of teaching. 

However, higher education institutions have the flexibility to judge themselves which types of teaching should be funded, by assessing the added value of the content proposed in the mobility agreement, in terms of quality and impact on their internationalisation and modernisation strategy. 

What is the definition of “staff mobility for training”? 

Training periods support the professional development of HEI teaching and non-teaching staff in the form of training events abroad (excluding conferences). They can take a number of forms, not limited to but including: 

  • A short secondment period 
  • Job-shadowing 
  • Attendance at workshops or courses 
  • Attendance at a staff training week  


What is the definition of a “monitoring visit”? 

To visit students while on exchange to monitor their progress and further improve the relationship between WIT and the partner institute/university. 

What is the definition of a “scoping visit”? 

A visit to a perspective partner institute/university, with the view of establishing an Inter-Institutional agreement. 

Eligibility criteria for outgoing staff: 

Teaching / Training Staff: 

  • Must have an employment contract with WIT for the current academic year; 
  • Must have approval form their Head of School to fulfil the mobility period; 
  • Must have identified an academic willing to host them at the institution, which is currently in receipt of an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education; 
  • If teaching, must be engaged in a minimum of 8 hours teaching activities per week at the host institution; 
  • Staff training can take a number of forms (see above definition), and must take place over a minimum of two days. 


Please see the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Guide for Applicants for further information.  

For more information on Erasmus+ Staff Mobility and how to apply, please see the Erasmus+ Mobility Exchange Area - Staff Mobility, on Moodle.  

Contact Us:  

If you require any further information please contact our Outward Mobility Coordinator, Paula Brazil at [email protected] or +353 51 834168. 

Incoming Staff Mobility

Every year, through the Erasmus+ Mobility programme WIT welcomes staff members from our partner universities throughout Europe.  WIT gladly provides our partners with the opportunity to carry out staff mobility at WIT for both teaching and/or training purposes. WIT considers incoming staff mobility as a key element of the Erasmus+ Mobility programme.  

Information for Incoming Staff members from Programme Countries 

Incoming visitors wishing to participate in the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility programme at WIT for teaching or training activities, must be individually accepted by a staff member in the host department, who is responsible for organising the teaching or training activities.  

Acceptance is dependent on all three parties in advance i.e. the participant; the sending institution; and the host department at WIT. 

Agreement for hosting staff members is dependent on: 

  • Agreeing in advance to the content of the teaching/training plan 
  • The timing of mobility 
  • The presence of a signed Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional agreement 


Potential visiting staff members will need to contact the relevant department in the first instance, contact details for our Erasmus+ Academic Advisor can be found here. 

Contact Us:  

If you require any further information please contact our Outward Mobility Coordinator, Paula Brazil at [email protected]  or +353 51 834168.