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The international student ambassador programme is organised by Education in Ireland, in conjunction with each individual Irish Higher Education Institution.

The programme is complimented by and showcased on Education in Ireland's Blogpage, which also includes details of all the ambassadors participating in the programme, who are representing their respective colleges.

The main objective of this initiative is to allow potential new students connect with existing students, in a way which will guarantee them the delivery of accurate and unbiased information.    

For information on any of our courses, please email: [email protected] and one of our team will contact you.

For information on student life in WIT, please feel free to contact our Ambassador below.

Picture of Dan Nguyen

My full name is: Dan (Chau Thuy) Nguyen

Nationality: Vietnamese

Course: Research PhD in Science

Contact details: [email protected]

Read one of past International Student Ambassadors' blog about Waterford at their 'Welcome to Waterford' Blog

For further information regarding WIT's involvement in the Student Ambassador Programme (SAP) please contact Ms Fiona Purcell by email at: [email protected]