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WIT provides a number of exchange opportunities for WIT students seeking to study in Europe and International (Non-EU) countries. The largest funded mobility programme in the world is the European Union’s Erasmus Programme, which has now been re-branded as the Erasmus+ Programme.

ERASMUS+ is part of the EU's new programme for boosting skills and employability through education, training, youth, and sport. Traditionally the Erasmus Programme only funded exchanges within Europe, but now the Erasmus+ Programme facilitates some Non-EU student and staff exchanges.

ERASMUS+ contains a wide range of measures designed to support the European activities of higher education institutions and to promote the mobility and exchange of their teaching staff and students. WIT has been an active participant in the Erasmus programme since 2001. This programme allows WIT students to study or train in another EU state (or in Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway or Turkey).

Students opting for a study visit spend a semester or full academic year at a partner institution in the EU. The time spent in the host institution is fully recognized by WIT through the use of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). WIT currently has over 150 partner higher education institutions in over 70 countries, including traditionally well-known European countries such as France and Germany, and also Non-EU countries such as Canada, USA, China, Malaysia and Brazil, just to name a few.

Students whose programmes of study include a work placement may have the opportunity to complete their placement in another EU state. WIT works closely with industry partners throughout Europe who offer excellent work placement opportunities to students from a variety of disciplines.

Students participating in the Erasmus+ or an International Exchange programme not only gain invaluable academic and/or work training experience, but also have the opportunity to experience life in another country, develop language and intercultural skills, travel and broaden their horizons.

The Office for International Relations at WIT is responsible for co-ordinating the Erasmus+ and all other Exchange Programmes that WIT participates in. Further details are available in the menu to the left hand side of this page, with separate pages dedicated to incoming and outgoing students, or by emailing [email protected]