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Outgoing Students

This information is for current students of WIT who wish to study abroad.

What is Erasmus?

Named after a popular Renaissance humanist and philosopher, the Erasmus programme began in 1987, and has become one of the best known EU initiatives in the field of education, and a flagship of European integration. It is the higher education chapter of the SOCRATES II programme for education in Europe. Erasmus gives students the opportunity to study for a period of 3 – 12 months at a university or higher education establishment in another participating country. Find out more at the Erasmus Student Network.

Who can go?

You are entitled to go on an Erasmus exchange if:

  • you are a student and enrolled in a formal programme of study at higher education level leading to a degree or a diploma

  • you are a citizen of one the participating countries

  • you have completed at least the first year of your studies

  • you are awarded a place by your academic co-ordinator at WIT.


What countries are involved?

There are a total of 31 countries taking part, including:

  • the Member States of the European Union

  • the three EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway)

Which colleges can I go to from WIT?

See below for a full listing of our partner universities.

Are my grades recognised?

As a matter of principle, the time spent in the host country must be fully recognized by the home institution. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is the major instrument to facilitate academic recognition of periods of study in partner establishments. Recognition is given for the study period abroad by WIT. A Learning Agreement developed between you and your academic co-ordinator is a contract between you, WIT and your host college that indicates precisely what classes you will be taking abroad.

Do I receive any extra funding?

Each student receives an Erasmus grant in addition to the grants, which the normally receive from other sources such as their region, state or university. This "mobility" grant is intended to help to cover the cost of travelling and the difference in cost of living.

How do I apply?

First, meet your academic advisor to discuss your eligibility and choice of college. Then you need to fill in an Outgoing application form at the International Office where you list your personal details, college choices and pay a deposit (refundable if you accept your place). Erasmus offers are made based on suitability of candidate and availability of places and is contingent on your summer exam results.

The host college will provide each individual student with an information pack containing details on how to book accommodation, a registration form, etc. You are responsible for booking your accommodation directly with your host college. You should book accommodation as early as possible!! Contact your host college’s International Office or equivalent to see if they help in finding accommodation. The college’s Student Union or an International/Erasmus Student’s group may also be of assistance.

Can I work when I study abroad?

Yes, "any EU worker shall have the right to take up an activity as an employed person in any Member State irrespective of his place of residence under the same conditions as nationals". As an EU citizen you have the same rights and conditions as native students in your host EU country.

Benefits of Erasmus

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Country College
Argentina Instituto Tecnologico De Buenos Aires
Australia Australian Catholic University
  University of Southern Queensland
Brazil Maua University
Canada Centennial
  Fanshawe College
  Memorial University of Newfoundland
China Zhejiang University
Hong Kong Baptiste University
Mexico ITESO
USA Clarkson University
  Coastal Carolina University
  Illinois State University
  Suffolk University Boston Massachusetts
  Wentworth Institute of Technology