Why WitInternational Fees

International Fees

Undergraduate Programmes

(Higher Certificate, Degree, Honours Degree)  €10,250

Study Abroad (Undergraduate level)

Per Semester   €5,000

English Language Programmes

Certificate in English for Academic Study (Two semesters) €6,500

Certificate in Academic English (One Semester) €3,500

Certificate in English for Postgraduate Study (One Semester) €3,500

Pre-sessional English Language (Four weeks) €1,500

International Postgraduate Fees

Postgraduate fees for both programmes by research and taught programmes for international students at WIT for the academic year 2019-2020 are as listed below.

All programmes below, run for one calendar year (usually September to September) unless otherwise stated:

Postgraduate Programmes (Taught)


Higher Diploma in Business in Management (one academic year)


MB in Internationalisation (Double Degree)


MBS – Specialisations in the following subjects: Economics & Finance; Management; Marketing; Tourism Marketing.


MSc in Global Financial Information Systems (GFIS)


MSc in Digital Practice Management



MSc in Construction Project Management


Masters in Electronic Engineering


MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering


MSc in Innovative Technology Engineering



MSc in Computing (Enterprise Software Systems)  


MSc in Computing (Information Systems Processes) 



MA in Applied Spirituality  


MA in Social Studies


Health Science

MSc in Applied Sport & Exercise Psychology

 €11,500 (18 months)

Repeat fees for the currrent academic year are as follows

How to paypic

International students can pay their deposit or tuition fees from their home country using pay_study-2


pay_study-2 lets you make international payments to WIT for free, without paying international banking charges while receiving competitive foreign exchange rates.

What are the benefits?

  • A more streamlined payment process

  • No international sender/receiver fees

  • Great exchange rates

  • 24 hour customer service from TransferMate

  • 24 hour online tracking of payments

How it works

Pay your Tuition fees via PaytoStudy using a simple 3 step process:

  1. Register on the secure pay_study-2 domain and enter your payment details.

  2. You'll receive the exchange rate for that day; choose between wire transfer or credit card.

  3. Once funds are received bypay_study-2, these funds are immediately transferred into our account from the pay_study-2 bank account in Ireland.

Pay your tuition fees now!

STEP 1. Confirm your WIT Invoice & ILO reference code.

STEP 2. Visit the payment website and complete the brief registration form. Choose between wire transfer and credit card payment Click ‘YES’ you are ready to pay today and then select ‘Process Transaction’.

STEP 3. If you chose credit card payment just enter your details and if you chose wire transfer you will be asked to transfer the funds to the advised bank account.

STEP 4. Email [email protected] with a copy of your passport, and your invoice letter from WIT and if you have chosen wire transfer a copy of the payment receipt.

STEP 5. Once pay_study-2 receive your funds and required documents, they will transfer the funds to us at WIT and email you confirmation of payment.