Michael says that DBA had the “best focus” for him

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Kildare-based marketing consultant Michael proves that you can work and complete a doctor of business administration (DBA) at the same time 

Did you enjoy your stay at WIT? 

The doctorate is a research degree, so we visited the college over 4 years, for 2 occasions, 1 per semester, for small block sessions.  

Did you do research work before? 

I had done research work before, with academically and professionally. 

Where did you do that? 

I did a masters in NUI Galway, which involved research into relationship marketing and I would carry out research as marketing director and run research programs across different sectors, in my day to day work. 

What made you choose WIT for this course? 

I was looking to do a doctorate qualification and I want to do it on a pure research, I wasn’t going to resign to do a full PhD and the DBA was one of three that I could find in Ireland, this is the one that seemed to have the best focus for me as regards the research and the area I wanted to do.  

Where do you currently work? 

I work as a marketing consultant and marketing director for companies in different sections. I work in financial services, banking and I work with companies that are involved with IT software and I have worked with companies in construction so it is quite a broad range of companies. All specifically to do with marketing strategy and growth.

Interviewed by Ciaran Whitty at the 2019 Conferring ceremony. 

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