WIT’S Dr Felicity Kelliher enhances collaboration with MUN

Left to Right: Dr Felicity Kelliher (WIT) and Mr Mark Dobbin, Dobbin Atlantic Scholarship

Left to Right: Dr Felicity Kelliher (WIT) and Mr Mark Dobbin, Dobbin Atlantic Scholarship

WIT Dobbin Atlantic Scholar explores rural social enterprise education and research framework in Newfoundland Canada

Dr Felicity Kelliher, Dobbin Atlantic Scholar, travelled to Memorial University Newfoundland (MUN) in May-June 2019 to study a rural social enterprise education and research framework with colleagues at the MUN Faculty of Business.

This project sought to capture cross-country knowledge in pursuit of an optimised rural social enterprise (SE) education and research framework. It builds on complementary expertise at WIT and MUN, and the research centres; the Centre for Newfoundland and Labrador Studies (CNLS) and RIKON at WIT and the Centre for Social Enterprise (CSE) and the Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development at MUN. This month-long visit culminated in a facilitated synergy session and workshop on rural community engagement at the MUN Harris Centre on June 26.

In Felicity’s scholarship application, she outlined Ireland and Canada’s shared history, with deep long-term connections between Waterford and St. Johns, Newfoundland’s capital city. She highlighted similarities between Ireland’s Southeast and Newfoundland rural communities, each requiring a strategic approach to rural community engagement in pursuit of sustainable development. She described the known benefits of higher education interventions in pursuit of rural social enterprise capability development.

While in Newfoundland, Felicity engaged with a cross-section of MUN faculty, rural community leaders and social entrepreneurs, and development support agencies. Ongoing discussions with WIT and MUN’s International Office seeks to enhance collaboration between our two education and research communities.

Community Development
Felicity is a member of the WIT School of Business Faculty, whose research focuses on rural business community development. Felicity recognises the value of engaging with like-minded educators and researchers’ in the Canadian context in pursuit of optimised higher education models. MUN’s progressive approach to SE education propelled her application for the Dobbin Scholarship.

The Dobbin Atlantic Scholarship promotes our shared heritage, with a view to developing a new generation of academic, artistic, cultural and economic links between Atlantic Canada and Ireland. The scholarship programme supports research, which seeks to find new ways to work in partnership, in order to face common challenges and to explore shared opportunities relating to,

  • our common culture, history and heritage
  • the potential of our shared resources
  • scientific and technological innovation

The Dobbin Atlantic Scholarship Programme is made possible through the most generous support of Mark Dobbin and the Government of Ireland’s Emigrant Support Programme. 

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