A love of Lego led to a passion for architecture for Tayo


"I was always interested in the art of putting things together."

Architecture allowed Tayo from Carlow, originally Berlin, to experiment with her own ideas and develop her own style and voice of interpreting things

Oluwatayo Christine Isa Daniel or Tayo for short, came to WIT to study the Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) in Architecture.

Why did you choose architecture? 
I picked architecture because I was always interested in drawing and I was always interested in the art of putting things together. I always like playing with Lego when I was younger, so I thought that architecture was the most logical thing to do. 

What was your favorite aspect of your course? 
It was so experimental we could do our own thing as opposed to sticking to the rules all the time. The lecturers encouraged us to develop our ideas in our own ways and to make our own mistakes. You learn from your own voice. When you are designing buildings it's important to have your own style and your own voice of interpreting things. I come from an African background, so it was interesting then to see how European architecture works and how these things come together. 

Did you do work placement? 
I did an internship over the summer for three months in an office and I'm about to start work on Monday in a bigger office. I’m slightly nervous but I think the internship really helped me to get this job that I have. It’s a junior position in an office called BKD. They have done loads of work over the country.  

Did you like where you were based in the Granary Campus? 
I think the location of the architecture school is perfect because you are in an urban environment which is important. I think in fourth year when you start to learn about urban developments and towns it's important. 

Interviewed by Susie Brennan 

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