Lola spends a semester in Waterford on work placement


"This is an experience that will be useful for my studies and my next work experiences" Lola Givet

Partnership between the University of Burgundy in Dijon, France and WIT made it easy for Lola completed her placement and study in Waterford

Lola Givet is a French student who came to WIT to complete her work placement for one semester, she is studying Mechanical and Production Engineering.

On which WIT campus are you based
Main Campus on the Cork Road

Why did you choose to study in Waterford?
I chose to do my second-year placement in Ireland because I wanted to get experience abroad. My university, the University of Burgundy (in Dijon) in France has a partnership with WIT, so it was very easy for me to go to Waterford. I am going to study in WIT next year so this placement was a way to get introduced with the city and the environment. I had occasions to go to WIT during my stay here so I got familiar with the college.

What was your experience?
I am very happy with my experience here in Waterford. Everyone has been very nice to me. The culture and the city are very interesting. I really enjoyed my placement and I learned a lot. I discovered the work in Quality, a field that was unknown to me before.

What advice would you give to students considering your course?
It can be useful for an international student to learn some technical vocabulary before starting placement. It is always easier to talk with people when you know what they are talking about.

Motivation is maybe the most important. Some things do not turn out as we expect, but it is better to focus on the positive side and keep going.

If your course included a work placement,  what was it like and how has it been of benefit?
I did my placement in Schivo Medical. In this company, quality is key, and working in the Quality department was very interesting. I got involved in the different processes and I was entrusted with design projects. This is an experience that will be useful for my studies and my next work experiences.

Tell us whatever you want that we haven't asked about
I wanted to thank Brian Cooney, Quality Manager in Schivo Medical and my placement supervisor, for offering this placement and for helping me carry it out in good conditions.

I also wanted to thank Mary Doyle-Kent, lecturer in WIT, who helped me get in touch with the company and who gladly gave me help when I needed it.

Living arrangements
WIT City Campus accommodation

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