CAO choices: follow your heart and do what you love

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Feeling the pressure to follow the jobs? Here’s why doing something that you are interested in is far better than being motivated by other reasons

Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life is a popular saying. What it means is that if you study or work in an area that interests you, you will find it easy to do and enjoy your time at college or work.

If you’re someone who loves the subjects, topics and activities that will be at the centre of studying in an area where there is a demand for graduates, that’s a great start to career planning.

If you’re not, and looking for reasons to pick courses on the CAO that you would genuinely love to study, remember:

  • It is predicted that a person will have more than one career over a lifespan, the average is now about three
  • Careers are constantly changing, some disappearing totally, while new ones are coming on stream
  • It is difficult to predict where the jobs will be long-term
  • You can continue to upskill or re-train throughout your life

So start with figuring out what you’re interested in now and will be happy to learn about and study in the next few years.

Visit for a booklet with worksheets to help discover your interests.

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