In the news: Calendar is tough opponent in League of Ireland

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Shane Keegan writing in The Sunday Times refers to a WIT lecturer's research on the relative age effect in football, and asks about its knock-on effect

Have you heard of the relative age effect? asks Shane Keegan in a Sunday Times article headlined Calendar is tough opponent in League of Ireland. Keegan looks at research from Laura Finnegan, course leader on WIT's Recretaion and Sport Management degrees (both level 7 and level 8).

In the piece Keegan outlines Finnegan's findings, poses the question whether the relative age effect has a knock-on effect on the League of Ireland, and goes on to interview Lee Grace, one of just five men born in December playing in the League of Ireland.

Read an overview of Finnegan's study at

Read Calendar is tough opponent in League of Ireland in The Sunday Times.

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