One year internship was highlight of Sport Coaching & Performance for Sam

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"Without the guidance from the Sport Coaching lecturers at WIT I would not have continued my career in the path that I did."

Head of Strength & Conditioning at St Joseph's College, Ipswich Sam Power is a Waterpark College past pupil and was a student at WIT from 2012-2016

Why did you choose your course? I chose the course as it was unique and the only course offering an entry into the career that I wanted to pursue

What was your experience? I had the best four years at WIT on the Sports Coaching & Performance degree. The lecturers there helped me massively in terms of my personal and professional development. The fact that the class sizes were relatively small in comparison to other courses in the Department meant that the contact time and teaching was incredible. We had a great blend of academics with relevant practical experience to help compliment the classroom learning. The one year internship was the main benefit of the course, to have the ability to go to a club for one whole season and get real world experience is far superior to any other course in the country in my opinion.

Can you recall your feeling when finding out you were offered a place in WIT? I was thrilled to hear I got my place on the course as I would have probably opted for another similar course but with hindsight, I would not have been on as good a course as Sports Coaching.

What advice would you give to students considering your course?
Keep an open mind, never accept mediocrity especially when it comes to the internship, don't settle for something you don't want, be productive with your time from day one and immerse yourself in coaching courses, science and practice.
What was the benefit of your internship?
The course included a 1 year Elite Sport Internship which enabled me to get out in the real world and network, learn and develop.

How has your studies at WIT helped you to get where you are today?
Massively. Without the guidance from the Sport Coaching lecturers at WIT I would not have continued my career in the path that I did. It was from conversations with a lecturer of mine that I decided to pursue a Master in Exercise Physiology at Loughborough University.

Anything else you'd like to mention about your college experience? During my time I was a class rep for the four years during my course and in my second year I was awarded with Sports Coaching & Performance Student of the Year. In my final year I presented my Undergraduate Thesis in a poster presentation at the All Ireland Postgraduate Sport Science Conference held at WIT.

Living arrangements? Stayed at home

What is Waterford like as a city for college social life? Waterford as a city is great as its got all you need but small enough to keep it easy to get around!

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