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Paul Cox: no regrets

Paul Cox: no regrets

Hard work put aside his doubts and he has no regrets about leaving a full-time job to follow his passion

Paul Cox thinks back to when he won Exercise Science student of the year at the Sports Ball on the 06/03/2019. An accolade for any student, it was extra special to Paul.

“A year previous to this, I had made a difficult decision to leave a secure full time job that I had been in almost four years to return to college as a mature student,” he explains

Why? “I was determined to follow my true passion and was willing to work to the best of my ability to fulfil this,” he says.

Winning award wiped negative thoughts

Paul adds that he initially lacked confidence academically and constantly doubted if he could succeed having been out of full time education for so long.

“Winning that award wiped those negative thoughts and gave me belief in my ability and reinforced to me that hard work pays off.”

“Leaving a full time job to follow my passion was a risk which I do not regret the slightest and I would highly recommend the same to anyone else reading this who is contemplating doing the same,” Paul adds.

Passion to help people realise benefits of sports and nutrition

The 28 year old mature student from Wexford town has participated in a variety of sports over the years from football and hurling to Kenpo Karate and most recently boxing.

“I believe that the physical and mental benefits of sports participation and good nutrition can be underestimated by many. My long term goal is to help people realize these benefits and to assist them in making healthy sustainable changes to their life and lifestyle.”

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