Video: Middle Georgia State University make the most of nursing summer school in WIT

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Over the summer semester, twenty students and two faculty members from Middle Georgia State University attended a Summer School run in the Department of Nursing and Healthcare at Waterford Institute of Technology.

Much of the students time was spent learning about the culture, healthcare and history of Ireland. Lectures on history, culture, healthcare, Ireland's approach and management of people with Intellectual disability and Nursing skills and management were a flavour of some of the topics covered. Students participated in workshops of self development and empowerment, management and comparisons between both Irish and American healthcare systems.

The Summer School also supports an ethos of experiential learning and day trips to An Rinn, Ardmore, Famine Ship New Ross and the Hook Lighthouse augmented and deepened the students experience of learning.

While in Ireland, the group experienced Irish hospitality, food and music and their experiences and learning as testified by the students:

“This is not my first time to study abroad but each new place is different. What I enjoyed about this trip is getting to know and understand the culture and history of this beautiful place. I believe it is important to experience a time abroad because it opens your mind. An open mind is what allows growth. This growth is important because it is how we mould and pave the future.”

Video: Georgia Stage students enjoying WIT nursing summer school

More information on WIT's summer school

Programme Director: Dr Sara Kennedy on [email protected].
Webpage: Irish Culture & Nursing Summer School

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