WIT Vikings Sport Scholarship Athlete Profile: Chloe Connolly

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Sport scholarship: Chloe Connolly

Sport scholarship: Chloe Connolly

Sport Scholarship athlete Chloe Connolly who is part of Limerick FC talks sport and how she balances sport and her studies at WIT

Every academic year, WIT provides up to 60 Sports Scholarship Awards distributed between three awarding categories which reflect the sporting level a student is competing at within their sporting discipline: Elite, Sport Scholarship & Emerging Talent. Apply at http://www.wit.ie/vikingsportscholarship


Name: Chloe Connolly

Sport: Soccer

Club: Limerick FC

County: Tipperary

Course: Exercise sciences


1, Highest Achievements to date?

Playing at International level

2. What is your favourite memory from your sporting career so far?

Playing the under 16s Gaynor Cup

3. What is your personal aim this year?

My personal aim this year is to achieve good grades, to perform well for the college and to focus on progressing my fitness.

4. Who was your sporting idol growing up?

My sporting idol growing up was Katie Taylor because she is so motivated and determined.

5. How do you prepare for each event?

I prepare for a game by eating well, keeping hydrated and thinking positively about the game.

6. What advice would you give to Athletes wanting to improve?

The advice I would give an athlete wanting to improve would be not just to train with the team. Train as an individual outside of training with the team always improve your fitness you can never be too fit. Most importantly have a good diet.

7. What do you do to relax/unwind?

Go swimming, Watch a film or listen to music.

8. How do you balance work/college/training?

 By getting up earlier to train.

9. What was the best advise you were ever given?

 The best advice I was ever given was don’t care what other people think of you.

10. Do you get nervous before big races/competitions and if so how do you deal with it?

Yes I do get very nervous before a game, I usually listen to music and take time out to myself to think positively about the game.

About the Sports Scholarship Programme at WIT

Offers an athlete-led development programme aimed at supporting the overall development of high performance athletes in a wide range of sports. The programme gives talented athletes the opportunity to develop their sporting and academic career by offering a network of support services and expertise which is tailored around the specific needs of each individual athlete.

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