Adrian found work experience helped with his understanding of land law

Pictured is Adrian

Pictured is Adrian

Law students are selected for work experience at the Property Registration Authority on the basis of academic merit by the Department of Applied Arts

Adrian Brennan (BA Legal and Business Studies year 4) is one of four undergraduate law students from WIT who were selected on academic merit to complete a two-week summer work placement at the Property Registration Authority of Ireland in Waterford, in summer 2018.

Here he explains how it was of benefit:

“During my time at the Property Registration Authority, I was given a real sense of the day-to-day work that takes place at the organisation. I dealt with incoming correspondence, gaining first-hand experience on the documentation was required for first registration, compulsory registration and seeing the effects of non-registration of land.

I observed the registration of adverse possession, easements, co-ownership, appurtenant rights, burdens, tenancies, searches and judgement mortgages. Furthermore, I was introduced to new technology in Spatial Data Management which improves searching and boundary issues in respect of land.

My time spent at the PRA was educational and informative. I would recommend to everyone to apply for the work experience as it is extremely beneficial to my understanding of Land Law. The staff at the PRAI were exceptionally helpful and pleasant to work alongside.”

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