Passion for teaching and working with children helped Denise choose social care


Denise’s advice to new students is to do what you enjoy and would recommend WIT’s broad based and rewarding social care course

Denise O’Connor graduated from WIT with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Applied Social Studies in Social Care and as a new graduate, she offers some advice to anyone considering doing a course in social care.

Study what you are interested in

“I would advise anyone considering this course that you should totally do it. You will enjoy it if you have an interest in it. It is harder than it seems, but it is really enjoyable and very rewarding. If you like or want to work with children, it is a big plus.”

Denise explains that the course is very broad and there are many different careers that can be sought after gradation which this is why it appeals to so many people.

She has a passion for teaching which is what drove her to do the course in the first place and she tells us that “by doing this course I hope to go on and study primary school teaching”.

Classes and Lecturers

Denise loved her studying on her course saying that “the lecturers were great; they are very helpful and are extremely approachable”.

Her class was quite big and definitely diverse. She goes on to explain that “although there were no men in my group, there were lots of people from different backgrounds which added to the experience”.

Clubs and Societies

Denise joined the athletics club whilst in WIT which is just one of many different clubs and societies available to students. “If you are into sport than you will really enjoy WIT. I have been doing athletics since I was nine years old. It is really enjoyable, and you get great satisfaction when you are able to compete at your highest level”, she said.

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