Leanne’s love of Waterford helped her in deciding to go to WIT

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Conferring stories: Leanne Cuddihy

Conferring stories: Leanne Cuddihy

Leanne will never forget her amazing lecturers that helped to get her through her degree in Criminal Justice Studies at Waterford Institute of Technology

Leanne Cuddihy from Waterford is a recent graduate of the Criminal Justice Studies course at WIT and is hoping to go further and do a master’s degree in Human Rights

Q. Why did you choose to come to Waterford instead of going away?

A. Waterford is like the best institute in Ireland, why would I leave to go to a school that’s possibly not as good when I can stay at home and I know people around and I know what to expect, I love this place.

Q. You enjoyed your course?

A. Yes, it was a three year course but I wish it was more, and thank god it’s not.

Q. What’s the dream?

A. I am currently saving up to do a master’s degree in Human Rights. I would like to go to some other country and work in the government to help with human rights because Ireland I think has improved the human rights so much it would be good to see this implemented in other countries.

Q. Where would you look to do the masters?

A. In UL, they have a human rights masters there. I decided this year to save up and do a bit of travelling, work and then go back. I think everyone needs a bit of life experience we go into school too young.

Q. Did you come straight out of school?

A. God no, I’m 25 so I left school eight years ago. I did Entertainment Systems for one year but realised it was not for me, so took a few years off from school, do some work, funded myself through college. I loved the College Street campus, I would tell everyone to do a course on this campus no matter what it is just do it. You get to know everyone including all the staff. I love it here.

Q. What did you think of the size of WIT?

A. You can find your way around and won’t get lost, and even if you do you know the people are nice enough that you can just ask and be on your way.

Q. Was there anything that stood out for you in your course?

A. The one thig I will take from this is the amount of help given from the lecturers. I will never forget them for that. They were amazing, I have all my references from them and they are the most amazing of people. They aren’t going to baby you. They treat you like adults it’s amazing. You know everyone’s name and you’re more than a number.

Q. What was your favourite module?

A. Oh god that is a hard one, we did ethics in second year and I thought that was amazing because we looked at a couple of slides and then we had a discussion/debate on it and it was an open floor for the students, to get their opinion out there and nobody was judging anyone, and if you had a different opinion people still respected that. That was so much fun.

Q. Was there any modules you didn’t like?

A. There was some modules that were more suited to students coming straight out of school that would not have much life experience, I didn’t enjoy them too much but they were very useful to students that would have not done things like referencing before.

Q. What advice would you give to someone doing your course?

A. Go to your classes, make friends with your lecturers and tell them when you’re struggling because some things are difficult and you need to keep up to date with things. But at the same time it is an absolute adventure, don’t take it too seriously but it is a course where you will learn something new every day and it is not repetitive at all.

Q. How do you feel about graduating today?

A. I am so nervous, it’s so weird, I went to college thinking I’m not here not make friends, I’m not going to make friends, I’m here for my education, and now I have friends that are going to be with me for life even though some are not here today. Some are here today, and it’s so sad that we are leaving, but it’s so cool we get to take our pictures in the gown and a hat, and it’s such an important day I couldn’t miss it. The only thing is I think everyone should get a hat.

Interviewed at Conferring 2019 by Áine Byrne

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