Music students design their own yearbook with flair


The final year students of the BA (Hons) Music programme embarked on an innovative project this year in designing and publishing an electronic yearbook. The format is quite like a scrap book with each page portraying the unique personality of the individual student.

Programme leader Dr. Hazel Farrell introduced them to the Book Creator app and gave them each one page to display their final year work. She also encouraged them to share their thoughts about their time at WIT, and to indicate what their plans are for the future. 

Book Creator proved to be an ideal platform to showcase the work of the students as it supports the inclusion of YouTube videos of their performances, Spotify and Sound Cloud links to their compositions and music technology projects, and other media such as photos and images.

According to Dr Hazel Farrell "This was a very rewarding experience for all involved as it provides a very unique insight into what our students actually do. It is not only a lovely way for the students to remember each other. It is also a great resource for those who may be considering pursuing a music degree at WIT."

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