Supportive lecturers helped to start Angelika’s teaching journey

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"I knew Waterford and I really liked the city and felt more comfortable going here as I knew the city."

Angelika always wanted to be a teacher and the BA (Honours) in Arts at Waterford Institute of Technology was the right fit to start her adventure

Angelika Rekas is from Kilkenny and is a recent graduate of the BA (Honours) in Arts and is now studying a postgraduate course to become a secondary school teacher.

What course will you be graduating from today?

I will be graduating for BA Honours in Arts in Spanish and Sociology with Spanish as my major.

What drew you to the Arts degree?

I really wanted to do Spanish, and I am from Kilkenny and I knew Waterford offered Spanish and I wanted to go on to be a teacher. I am currently doing my postgraduate studies in Maynooth to become a secondary school teacher and it is going great, it is a two-year programme.

Why did you pick sociology as a minor?

I find it very interesting and it covers a lot of topics. I chose Law in first year as well but I found sociology more interesting and I had some great lecturers who made it interesting so I choose to stick with it.

Did you move down to Waterford?

No I commuted everyday as it was not too far, only a 40-minute journey so that was fine.

Does any experience in Waterford stand out to you?

Definitely when it comes to Spanish my lecturers were very supporting. The group was small which allowed you build a relationship with your lecturer. Now in a bigger university not every lecturer knows your name but in Waterford it was nice to have that connection.

How many students were in your group?

In my major for Spanish there was only two of us, but there was also minors which brought the group to seven and sometimes when people were out it might be only you and the lecturer which was kind of tough but also good. There was never any embarrassment in the class and nobody was ever afraid to ask questions.

Do you get to go on work placement with the post primary school teaching you are currently studying?

Yes I do, I do my work placement in Ballyfermot on Thursdays and Fridays and I teach Spanish and CSPE and it is going really well. All the kids are lovely and it is good fun.

Why did you choose Waterford?

Other places offered Spanish as an option but I knew Waterford and I really liked the city and felt more comfortable going here as I knew the city.

Did you come straight to college after school?

Yes, I came straight after my Leaving Cert.

What advice do you have to anyone coming to Waterford or someone who wants to do Spanish as a major?

I would definitely encourage them because of the lecturers they are amazing.

How do you feel about graduating today?

Very nervous but definitely very excited as well.  

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