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Pictured is Becca Laste

Pictured is Becca Laste

Former nursing student Becca decided to follow her passion as a mature student and study Music, completing fourth year during Covid-19 restrictions

Becca, a 27 year old mature student from Co. Tipperary completed her BA (Hons) Music degree programme in Coronavirus Lockdown.

What attracted you to study at Waterford Institute of Technology?

I live 40-45 minutes from Waterford, in Co. Tipperary, so distance was very important to me and I commuted each day. I also knew a couple of people who had completed the Music degree programme and they had told me how much they loved it. Both my Dad and Sister also completed their degrees at WIT, so it was a family affair also!

What have you done in life prior to studying here?

I studied Nursing at Trinity College Dublin before realising it wasn't for me.

What words of advice do you have for new students?

Take notes, listen in class and ask questions if you are not sure. Definitely do the library tour and learn how to reference properly. I finally learned how to reference correctly in 4th year!! Enjoy every minute of your experience and it will be the best time of your life. Talk to everyone, make loads of friends and stay open-minded. If you need help, WIT have amazing supports, like Student Counselling, which took the worry and burden off me a bit more. Always know there are people there to help you.

What have been the highlights of your college experience?

Finishing my final year dissertation was the best feeling in the world. 14,500 words of pure blood, sweat and (plenty of) tears. Meeting the people I call friends now has also made all the sleepless nights and deadline panics worth it.

What motivated you to return to education as a mature student?

I always knew I wanted to obtain a degree. I had been working full-time in a pharmacy and took a gamble, giving up my job to go back to college. I feel that knowledge is power and you can never be "too educated". I guess it was just a personal goal of mine to get a degree. I'm so glad I did it. No regrets.

After completing my course I...

Hope to keep in touch with the amazing people I have met in WIT. I will undertake a short-course in Radio Broadcasting and Podcasting in September 2020. I'd love to do a masters programme also, but I need to have a good think about what I would like to study. Coronavirus has given me a lot of time to (over) think!

How did your experience at WIT help get you to where you are now?

I learned a lot about how resilient I can be when faced with pressure. I experienced extreme anxiety throughout my time at WIT and being able to say that I, with the help of my lecturers, the Student Union and the Counselling Centre, I pushed through and made it to the end!

Anything you'd like to add

I'd like to thank the lecturers and staff of the Music degree programme in College Street for their expertise, wisdom and professionalism, especially throughout the Coronavirus lockdown and exploring distance learning. To the Class of 2020, we did it!

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