Tipperary pre-school worker applies course learnings to day job


"I was able to bring what I learned from the course back into my pre-school everyday so it made a huge difference."

Higher Diploma graduate Amy O’Neill from Tipperary talks about her decision to return to WIT and the importance of balancing working and studying

What brought you to Waterford to do the course?

Well I’ve been to Waterford previous to this course and I found the atmosphere and the teachers very helpful so this is where I wanted to do the course. It also helped that it was an evening course because it allowed me to continue working throughout the day.

What do you do outside of the course?

I work in a pre-school.

How did you find managing work and study?

It was really interesting I suppose because I was able to bring what I learned from the course back into my school everyday so it made a huge difference.

Was there any big experiences that stood out from your time in Waterford?

I’d say the friendships that we’ve made and that we stay in contact weekly and let each other know about job opportunities. We all really support each other as well if one of us isn’t feeling too confident.

Interviewed by Ian Bradley at Conferring 2018

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