Wayne’s passion for caring led him to social care course


Wayne chose his social care course at WIT because of his passion for caring and helping other people

Wayne McGrath who graduated with a BA (Hons) in Applied Social Studies in Social Care wanted to help people in his career and chose WIT’s social care course as a way of achieving that goal.

He enjoyed the course and found that the course work made his time in WIT more enjoyable. “Studying different areas and aspects of social care made it really interesting but I think my favourite part of the course was getting to meet everyone and participate in group work.”

Advice for new students

He would advise new students to put in the effort and go to class saying, “You should make the most of your time in WIT because it flies by. If you don’t go to class you will definitely struggle. Of course it helps if you have an interest in social care.

College Life

Wayne feels that it’s fortunate that so many people get to experience college and that it can be both rewarding and challenging. For him, meeting new people and making new friends is just one of many great benefits of college.

“College is a rewarding time and there are many ways to meet new people, by joining clubs or societies, living in student accommodation or through your course. You should definitely try everything that you have always wanted to do. Before you know it you will be the one to graduate.”

Being Class Rep

Wayne became class rep during his studies which he says was an amazing opportunity and one that is open to everyone.

Encouraging others to get involved he said that “being class rep is definitely a demanding job but it is a rewarding one. It challenges you to be the best you can be”.

Wayne went on to say, “I found it to be very enjoyable. I feel like it helped me to develop as a person and it feels great being able to help other people. It was great doing other activities aside from course work, it was like a break from college. It felt good to be able to achieve something other than just college work.”

Interviewed by WIT student Nyomi Curry at the conferring ceremonies 2019

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