Work placement helped Naomi realise she wanted to specialise in youth work

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Conferring stories: Naomi Jessup

Conferring stories: Naomi Jessup

Naomi praises the lecturers on the BA in Applied Social Studies in Social Care for the help and support which meant and overall positive experience

Naomi Jessup graduated from WIT in 2019 with a BA in Applied Social Studies in Social Care. This interview took place on the day of her conferring ceremony

Why did you choose WIT? 

I chose WIT because I was living in Waterford and I wanted to further my education and get qualifications it seemed like the natural option. 

Did you enjoy your time in WIT? 

I felt a sense of family and community whilst studying in WIT. I had a great experience with lecturers who I felt helped you wherever they could.  The lecturers in your class, they just want to help and they want to give you the best experience possible.  This is what stood out to me when studying in WIT. 

Was work placement beneficial? 

Work placement has helped. We had two work placements, one of them was working with children and the other was working with children with autism. I realised after work placement that I wanted to do youthwork so it did help.

Have you any advice for students considering the course? 

I would advise someone considering doing the course to do it.

How do you feel now and what are you doing? 

I’m excited, nervous and proud that I came back and did it; it’s a great course that gives you great qualifications, work experience, it’s brilliant.  Since I finished the course I have been working in Children’s Group Link with teenagers from 11 to 15 for 3 or 4 days a week because I have a son to care for. 


Interviewed at Conferring 2019 by Killian Fitzgerald

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