International management course was an “eye opener” for Malaysian student Kee Shun Chung


Studying in Waterford gave Kee Shun Chung independence and the opportunity to do a Masters degree in HR

Kee Shun Chung, an international student from Malaysia, has just completed his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Management and is looking forward to the future.

“This degree has given me a chance to further my studies and I plan do a masters degree in HR, either in WIT or in a college in England.”

Studying away from home

Kee Shan is originally from Malaysia and took the big step of going to college overseas.

He said that he “greatly benefitted” from his study abroad experience adding, “It made me become more independent. It was a great opportunity to make international contacts and builds communication with people from other countries. It is a great chance to make new friends”.

He describes the differences between studying in Malaysia and WIT. “There are different teaching techniques and that there are definitely cultural differences but overall I found it much easier to study in Waterford.

“Back home everything is learned off whereas here it is much easier to understand the topics. The lecturers are very kind and helpful and of course they have a lot of knowledge about the subject”, he explained.

Waterford city

Kee Shan says that it was an amazing opportunity to study in Waterford explaining that there’s a great environment around Waterford city and around the college.

He said that “The city itself is very student friendly and it’s much more affordable to study here than in other colleges in Ireland. Accommodation in the surrounding areas is quite affordable also.”

Why choose the International Management course

Kee Shan choose this course as it gave him an insight into the world of management and had the added benefit of being a one year programme. “This course is an eye opener to anyone who is interested into discovering business.

“The location in Waterford also gives it a great atmosphere and an excellent environment. It is an excellent experience to go through for not just international students but Irish students too.”

Applying for the International Management course

Students coming from outside the EU should contact the International Office for information on the programme and entry routes. You will find more information here.

Interviewed by WIT student Nyomi Curry at the conferring ceremonies 2019

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