Mental health nurse Ciara explains how useful CBT is for her work


"I think the lecturers are fantastic, they can’t do enough to support you."

Ciara Lodge discusses how the MSc in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Motivational for Practice has given her more knowledge to meet her clientele's diverse needs

Tell me about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is all about how we think, feel and behave, Motivational for Practice is based around addictions but can be used for a lot of target behaviours. It is a combination of two what was consisted for our dissertation. The second year is how we consolidate the two of them moving forward. Both of them are therapeutic interventions. 

What is your speciality? 
I am a mental health nurse. 

Why did you decide to further your study in this area? 
I suppose to further my education and plus at the moment there is a year’s waiting list within the public service for adults to access psychology so to wait 12 months is a long time. And CBT is very much supported as a treatment to help people. 

What impact does this course have on your job? 
At the moment it has given me more knowledge to meet the diverse needs of clientele that we deal with plus I am hoping it will open more doors in my career going forward. 

Why did you choose WIT? 
I did my diploma, my bachelor of science honours degree here, and my HDip in community health nursing. I am working in Brook House which is right next door to the WIT campus so I can’t get any closer. I think the lecturers are fantastic, they can’t do enough to support you. They are always there to help ... they’re only on the other side of the phone, emails, huge support. There is a nice general atmosphere, it is really friendly. 

Interviewed at Conferring 2018 by Susie Brennan

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